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Christian Horner wary of Charles Leclerc and Ferrari threat: “We are not taking anything for granted”

Christian Horner has showered Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc with high praise for his 2022 exploits on the track.

Christian and Charles

Christian Horner the Red Bull team Principal has praised Charles Leclerc for the fair racing that he has done this season and has indicated that the Championship is still wide open.

Charles Leclerc has had a pretty up-and-down first leg of the season for various reasons and because of it, he currently finds himself in P2 in the Drivers Championship being 80 points behind the prolific Max Verstappen.

While Leclerc is a bit behind in the Championship, Christian Horner is immensely impressed by the close-quarters skills of the Monegasque driver and believes that he has played a massive role in preventing any accidents between himself and Verstappen.

They have had quite a few battles this season and have managed to keep their cars on the track while going at each other’s throats, this was not the case in 2021 when Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen were fighting for the title.

Charles Leclerc(on the left) and Max Verstappen(on the right)

Their battle was insanely dangerous but this year’s tussle between Leclerc and Verstappen has been safe and free of any unnecessary hustle and bustle.

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Christian Horner believes things can still change in the 2022 Championship

Christian Horner

Max Verstappen and Red Bull have a decent lead in both the Championships at the moment, but despite that Horner is not willing to take any chances and while talking about it said,The points tables look healthy and it’s a great way to sign off into the summer break but there’s still a lot of racing to go.” 

“Ferrari is quick, Mercedes are coming back into the game. There’s still a long, long way to go in this championship – plus a Sprint race – so we don’t take anything for granted. There’s still a lot of racing to do and at very different venues.”

Christian Horner is well aware of the unpredictability of the sport and feels the way the Championship is developing, there is still a lot of work to do for the Red Bull team.


Ferrari is going to come at Red Bull with everything that they have got and with Mercedes also showing signs of improvement, things are hotting up nicely and it is going to be a great watch to see how the Milton-Keynes-based team is going to fend off their challenge.

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