Esteban Ocon misses media day at Abu Dhabi GP after being deemed unfit

The French driver Esteban Ocon had to miss out the media briefings on Thursday due to his illness in the Abu Dhabi GP week.

Esteban Ocon misses media day at Abu Dhabi GP after being deemed unfit

Esteban Ocon (via IMAGO)

French driver Esteban Ocon scored impressively at the Las Vegas GP as he crossed the finish line in fourth position. Things were looking all well for Ocon but it all turned South when he was reportedly sick before the ultimate race week at the Abu Dhabi GP.

The doctors advised Esteban Ocon to miss out on the media briefings on Thursday due to his illness in the week of the Abu Dhabi GP. Alpine finally revealed what was going on with Ocon and talked about his condition prior to the race.


Alpine in a brief statement talked about Ocon’s situation before the race and talked about how the doctors advised him to take some rest despite his improving condition. They exclaimed that they expected him to be back on track as soon as possible.

Esteban Ocon has been feeling unwell this week and has been advised to rest by his doctors. Although his condition has improved as of this morning, he will miss this afternoon’s media duties at the circuit. We expect him to be back at the track as soon as possible.
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However, the Frenchman would not miss much even if missed the Friday Practice Sessions at the Abu Dhabi GP. Jack Doohan, the reserve driver for Alpine, was supposed to drive the Alpine A523 in the first practice session instead of Ocon.

What does Esteban Ocon vs Pierre Gasly entail in the last race of the season?

The end-game battle between the two French drivers in Alpine looks enticing. Esteban Ocon trailed his fellow countryman Pierre Gasly by a mere four-point gap. After finishing P4 at the Las Vegas GP, the Frenchman has again steered close to overtaking Gasly in the last race of the season.

Esteban Ocon and Pierre Gasly.
Esteban Ocon and Pierre Gasly (via F1).

Esteban Ocon has also talked about ending the long and taxing season on a high note with a victory ahead of his teammate Gasly. Additionally, Ocon added that he was motivated to have a final positive weekend at the Abu Dhabi GP and end the season at an all-time high for Alpine, the French constructor.

The 27-year-old driver has been delivering promising results all through the season along with his teammate Pierre Gasly. Ocon also talked about securing multiple points in the bag for Alpine. As the ultimate race creeps upon the two drivers, Esteban Ocon aims to gain the position over Gasly and win the season at the 11th spot in the drivers’ standing.

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