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“Everything is possible tomorrow”: Carlos Sainz sends a clear message that he’s eyeing the race win in the Spanish Grand Prix

Ferrari's Carlos Sainz comments on his Qualifying pace at the Spanish Grand Prix Qualis after coming third in the standings.

The Spanish Grand Prix Qualifying Session saw a spectacular performance from both the Ferrari racers as Charles Leclerc took over the pole position with a wide gap of 1.10 seconds between him and the rest of the grid, while Carlos Sainz went past powerful rivals like the two Mercedes and the Red Bull of Sergio Perez to come third in the standings.

In the main race on Sunday, Charles Leclerc will start the race at the lead and Carlos Sainz will start his home Grand Prix from the second row. The Spaniard has the power of the near-perfect SF-75 to support him, and the emotions of thousands of Spanish people to cheer for him.

Carlos Sainz has already scored three podium finishes in the five races that have happened this year, and is currently fifth in the World Driver’s Championship standings with 53 points.

Carlos Sainz promises that he will try to overtake in the first lap and win the race in Sunday

Carlos Sainz

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Carlos Sainz has put himself in a very advantageous position, thanks to his brilliant performance in the Qualifying. He is set to start from the second row in the grid, and the Spaniard hopes to do some overtaking in the first lap itself.

Starting the Spanish GP right behind Carlos Sainz is George Russell, who qualified in P4 on Saturday. Russell is fourth in Championship table, with 59 points to his name. If Carlos can surpass Russell and score a 6-point advantage over him, then Sainz will go up to the fourth place in the WDC Standings.

With huge results to look forward to, a lot rests upon Carlos Sainz’s shoulders for the Spanish Grand Prix. In the post-qualifiers interview, he said, “Everything is possible tomorrow. I will try to overtake at the start. It was not an ideal session, as I was unable to do a good lap with the used soft tyres. Now I will probably miss out on a new set of softs for my stint tomorrow.

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