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“Ferrari’s cautious approach suddenly looks more justified,” Jolyon Palmer cautions Red Bull over their Miami advantage

Joylon Palmer opines on Red Bull's advantage in Miami.

Jolyon Palmer, a professional commentator and a columnist, assisted Red Bull with their hopes of not getting relaxed over the advantage they had over Ferrari in Miami Sunday.

First-ever Miami Grand Prix saw Max Verstappen winning with Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz making it a Ferrari 2-3 and Sergio Perez finishing fourth.

The Red Bulls had a clear straight-line pace advantage over the Ferrari, it was so dominant that Leclerc’s Ferrari came 2 tenths of a second behind Max and still wasn’t able to snatch that lead from him.

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Max overall was totally comfortable with his car after struggling with Mechanical issues on Friday. He managed to take the lead in the 19th lap of the race and never turned back into second place.

However, his teammate Checo had some issues during the race. The Mexican told his engineers over the radio about losing 3 seconds per lap and it was clearly visible. He lost about 20bhp but anyhow managed to get his car over the finish line and got the fourth place.

How will Ferrari manage to beat Red Bull seeing their performance last two races?

Jolyon Palmer cautioned Red Bull over their advantage in Miami Grand Prix

Indicating that Plamer justified his concerns over the reliability issues of that RBPT and it might affect him over time, getting them far from the fight with Ferrari.

For all the Red Bull and Verstappen momentum, there are still concerns on the reliability side as experienced by Verstappen on Friday and Perez on Sunday,”

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He is convinced with the Ferrari plan of not introducing many upgrades to their car and could have an advantage later on in the season.

 “If that were to resurface again then Ferrari’s cautious approach suddenly looks more justified.”

Ferrari cleared didn’t manage to beat Red Bull in the last two races and will try their best to overcome all the faults with the pace of the car. It is also very clear with the confidence the Red team has going over the weekend in Spain. 

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