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FIA launches a new press conference schedule after listening to drivers’ complaints

Following consideration of drivers' objections, FIA introduces a revised schedule for press conferences.

Lewis Hamilton(on the left), Max Verstappen(in the middle) and Lando Norris(on the right) in an FIA press conference

Prior to the British Grand Prix at the Silverstone Circuit, the FIA released the itinerary for the press conferences. The Formula One drivers have recently voiced their displeasure with the Friday timetable.

This is due to the press conference being held every race’s Friday morning since this campaign. As a result, not everyone will be acknowledged during the press conference since the FIA has shifted them back to the customary Thursday.

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The new FIA schedule

George Russell(on the left), Max Verstappen(in the middle) and Lewis Hamilton(on the right)

Only ten of the twenty drivers on the grid will participate in the customary news conference, with the remaining ten taking questions from the media in the plaza. As a result, the entire programme runs much faster than previously.

Reigning F1 World Champion Max Verstappen will be in the square for the journalists immediately after teammate Sergio Perez leaves the media briefing for Red Bull Racing. Ferrari driver  Charles Leclerc will participate in the second segment of the press conference for Ferrari, and Leclerc’s teammate Carlos Sainz will be on the square to address journalist inquiries.

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