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FIA makes Helmet cameras mandatory in F1 cars from 2023 after unanimously approved in recent meeting

The FIA and the Formula 1 Commission confirmed the changes in their second annual meeting in London on the 26th of April.

After the first four races of the 2022 Formula One were conducted, the Formula 1 Commission conducted its second annual meeting in London on the 26th of April. FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem presided over the meeting and a number of new changes were discussed to improve the sport.

One of the key changes applicable in the sport will be the use of Helmet cameras. Since Fernando Alonso debuted the camera on the winding and speedy Spa-Francorchamps circuit 2021 Belgian Grand Prix, the camera has been loved by fans who get a Driver-eye view during a race.

It has also been a success in terms of reviews from broadcasters and media alike. Taking these into consideration, the FIA decided to implement Helmet camera’s on all drivers’ making them mandatory along from the 2023 season onwards.

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Why FIA approved the Helmet Cameras in F1?

F1’s Helmet Camera

Since the introduction of helmet cameras in the 2021 Belgian GP, the technology has helped in improving the presentation quality of the sport. Fans get to visualise up-close what the driver gets to see, while teams get to analyse, and understand collisions and crashes and recently the effect of porpoising on drivers. Even the TV broadcasters and F1 media have capitalised on the new angles presented straight from the driver’s monocoque. Hence FIA has moved to keep this addition in the sport.

An extract from the statement read, “Following the trialling of the latest generation of helmet cameras over recent events, they have proved to be a great success, generating significant positive feedback from fans as a valuable addition to the broadcast of Grands Prix. Therefore, it was proposed and unanimously approved to update the 2023 Technical Regulations, mandating the use of these helmet cameras for all drivers from 2023 onwards.”

FIA also confirmed Formula One will have six Sprint races from the 2023 season. The locations will be confirmed ahead of the start of the season and will be running in the same format as in 2022. have also discussed the reduction in the use of tyres and the new-generation Powerunits that will come into force from 2026 onwards. These changes have been suggested to meet FIA’s sustainability targets.

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