“Fu*k off and stop chatting sh*t,” F1 fan shares a wholesome story about unbelievable encounter with Max Verstappen

An avid Formula One fan couldn’t believe his eyes when a young Max Verstappen stood right in from of him.

F1 driver Max Verstappen with a fan in London
Max Verstappen with a fan in London

Ever since he got into Formula 1, Max Verstappen’s fanbase has been growing steadily every year. The Orange army has made a reputation for itself after coming to support the ‘Dutch Lion’ as an almond for every race in every corner of the world. The amount of love, dedication and support for the Dutch driver is unbelievable. Here is the story of a Formula One fan who unexpectedly met the Red Bull driver and the wholesome incident that followed through.

@f1fantraveltv on Instagram shared a compelling story about how he met Max Verstappen. The fan used to do a part-time job to finance his race tickets and this job involved going to people’s houses. It was gonna be another normal day at work when he arrived at one particular house where the door opened and he found a kid-like figure sprawled on the sofa watching Netflix. That is when the suspicions arose.

On getting a closer look the similarities felt uncanny so after talking to the lady about the job, the individual went up to the ‘kid’ on the sofa and told him that he looks like Verstappen. On hearing this, the person on the sofa sprang up and said that it was actually him. On hearing this. the Fan was already skeptical and wasn’t ready to believe what was happening in from of him right now. This led to a very funny sentence that the fan blurted out.

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“Fu*k off and stop chatting sh*t,” F1 fan says as Max Verstappen confirms his identity

Max Verstappen Summer Break
Max Verstappen with Martin Garrix

Max then took his phone out and showed his photos with Red Bull and also his Instagram page. The fan was still skeptical and quizzed him about the last Grand Prix that the fan had attended to see if he knew his facts. After this bonanza, Max asked what he could do for the fellow fan. The Dutch driver then went on to Facetime the fan’s family and friends for a whole 10 minutes while subsequently taking pictures with him.

Another act of kindness took place when Max Verstappen promised the fan VIP tickets for the next race that he attends. Having met about 20 drivers, the F1 fan stated that Max was one of the nicest guys that he has met after an unreal and unexpected encounter with him. Fan stories such as these are one of the reasons why the Dutch driver has one of the most passionate fanbases in the world.

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