George Russell admits he drew inspiration from teammate Lewis Hamilton’s former rival to lead a happier life

George Russell quotes Fernando Alonso as he desires a ‘happy’ career’

George Russell admits he drew inspiration from teammate Lewis Hamilton’s former rival to lead a happier life

Fernando Alonso and George Russell (via imago)

The rising tensions between the Mercedes pair, Lewis Hamilton and George Russell have taken over the headlines following the Sunday Race at the Qatar GP. The first-lap collision between Hamilton and Russell became the highlight of the Weekend. Amidst the tensions, Russell has cited, Hamilton‘s former teammate and rival, Fernando Alonso’s quote as his motto.

The Young Briton said, “I listened to a podcast from Fernando [Alonso] where he said that if he wished he could change one thing from his career, he wished he enjoyed the moment more often when he was younger.” Alonso made the comment that Russell refers to when he was invited on the ‘High-Performance podcast’, the podcast was released fairly recently – August 2023. The Mercedes driver added how the Spaniard’s quote has shaped his mind in recent times and how, because of it, he’s trying to have ‘fun’ with his career in the Championship. He added saying, “That resonated with me because I’m living my dream here.”

The 25-year-old emphasized his point by further continuing “I’m so dedicated, I look at every single detail and give it everything, but sometimes you forget to enjoy it with the people around you.” These words from Russell are heartwarming. The youngster his Formula 1 career with Williams, and has recently stepped up to the Mercedes garage (in 2022). The Driver has been the sole Grand Prix winner for Mercedes since 2021 and that surely, coupled with the fact that he’s earning millions to compete in the highest level of Motorsport, is reason enough to have ‘fun’.

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Fernando Alonso still wishes for a World Championship with Ferrari

Fernando Alonso talked about his Ferrari days on the same podcast. The quote that Russell referred to and the following Ferrari admission came after the Spaniard was asked while being on the podcast about the changes he’d make in his career if he could go back in time. Alonso took a breath and replied saying that that winning a championship for the Italian team is the first thing he would do if he could time travel.

Fernando Alonso at Ferrari (via Planet F1)
Fernando Alonso at Ferrari (via Planet F1)

Alonso said, “2010, 2012 we were within a few laps of winning a World Championship. And that probably could’ve changed the outcome of many things and the history behind a few things.” The Spaniard came extremely close to winning the world title (missing out only at the final race) while driving the fabled Scarlet Ferrari during the 2010, 2012 seasons but was beaten to it by the menacing Sebastian Vettel. Alonso was at the Italian racing stable for 5 season, from 2010-2014. Alonso departed the Ferrari garage following a massive rule overhaul in 2014.

The 2-time World Champion’s career has been glorious, spanning over 2 decades. The driver has won Grands Prix for Renault, McLaren, and Ferrari. He won 11 Grands Prix for his beloved Ferrari. Winning with the legendary team has been a dream for most F1 drivers, a dream which has evaded every driver since the team’s last title win in 2007.

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