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George Russell fears Lewis Hamilton, says “I’m not getting comfortable in this position because I know what he’s capable of”

George Russell believes the best of Lewis Hamilton is yet to be seen this season.

George Russell has been outstanding in the first few races of the season. Considering the performance his teammate Lewis Hamilton has shown with the new W13, it is justified, why the young Brit is ahead of the 7-time world champion.


Before the season started there were a lot of beliefs. The ex-Williams driver was opinionated to have a tough time competing with his teammate who is arguably the greatest of all time. However, it has been the opposite. Young Brit has outperformed his teammate, and is 21 points ahead of him, sitting in the 4th position of the Drivers championship table.

But Russell still fears what Lewis is capable of “But Lewis will come back stronger, I have no doubt. He’s definitely going to be pushing me all the way.”


George Russell backs Lewis Hamilton’s performance.

Lewis Hamilton has had the worst of the season, since after 2009. With his finish in the 13th position in Imola Grand Prix, the Brit seems to have struggled with his new W13. On the other hand, however, George has been outperforming the same car. With the media all behind the 7th time world champion, his teammate holds his back.

Lewis has clearly got the pace,” Russell in an interview with Sky Sports F1. “He’s incredibly fast and he’s showed that so far this year, but it’s just been tricky for us as a team to get it done when the time is needed.”

The Young Brit also appreciates the pace his teammate had shown when the car was more stable and was struggling less from porpoising, “When things have been more stable, Lewis has still been massively fast.

He entrusted the 7-time world champion. He believes Lewis will be back and when he does he will push Russell to his limits. “I know there was a bit of a blip last weekend but I have no doubt he’s going to come back and the way he’s pushing the team and motivating the team is truly inspiring.”

The struggles, Russell saw, back in the day with Williams, justifies why he has been performing well with the struggling Mercedes,  “Perhaps with my struggles at Williams, with very difficult cars, maybe that’s helped in some small regard.”

Anyway, Mercedes are still hoping to find the perfect set-up to bring back what they left back in Abu Dhabi in 2021.

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