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“He extracts the best from the car and is a sponge,” Jose Manuel Lopez impressed with Lando Norris’ quality of soaking up every bit of information

Jose Manuel Lopez prasied Carlos Sainz and Kevin Magnussen for the skills the two driver has had throughout their carrer

Lando Norris

Jose Manuel Lopez, Lando Norris’ race engineer, praised the McLaren driver for the exceptional talent he possesses from Qualifying timings to the race pace he extracts from the MCL35M. Lando has already climbed the podium this season, continuing his run of a podium every year since 2020.

2022 hasn’t been kind to the drivers and worse even to the drivers, with the worst start for the team since 2017. Bahrain 2022 saw the orange team at the last of the gird and ultimately a no points finish for both the drivers when they hoped to fight for the wins after the new regulations. But McLaren was ready to fight back their ways up ahead and did so in the third race of the season, Imola GP. 

They got their first podium of the season and ended the GP with double points but are still struggling their ways to fight for the win and are nowhere to fight for it on regular basis. However, Lando still has been performing at the top of the list beating his teammate yet again this season. Lopez has praised the quality Lando has to get all the information about every race and work his way out for the best. 

“Lando in qualifying extracts the best from the car and is a sponge,” said Lopez in an interview with AS.

“He has an enormous talent for learning new techniques, altering the reactions of the car or adapting to the limitations. I think that’s exceptional, apart from his pure speed,” Lopez continued praising Lando. 

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Jose Manuel Lopez on Carlos Sainz and Kevin Magnussen

Carlos Sainz and Kevin Magnussen

Jose currently is managing Lando Norris but has managed some of the other brilliant drivers the sport currently has, Carlos Sainz, Kevin Magnussen,  Antonio Giovinazzi and George Russell being a few. Jose went on praising the former two with the skills they had back when he managed them.

Lopez talked about Magnussen having an exceptional skill to outperform the cars which aren’t the best on the grid and deliver the result. “Magnussen is very good at adapting to any circumstances, he always performed, others need the fastest car and if not they get lost,” Jose added.

“With Carlos [Sainz] I was in F3 with him and he is one of those who always digs and wants to know more in search of that extra tenth,” Lopez pointed out the work Carlos used to put into the result he wanted and to outperform his car finding extra pace from somewhere or the other. 

Lando Norris is currently P7 in the championship table with 50 points 34 points clear to his teammate Daniel Ricciardo, with next race in Silverstone MCL wants both the drivers to level their performances to the best for the team.

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