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“He is a hero for me,” Carlos Sainz admits to being in awe of golf legend Tiger Woods

Carlos Sainz has recently made it known that Tiger Woods is the person that he looks up to as his inspiration.

Carlos Sainz

Carlos Sainz has recently revealed that he is a huge fan of Golf legend Tiger Woods, and believes no other athlete in the World has the kind aura that he carries on a regular basis.


Moreover, Carlos Sainz has admitted that Tiger Woods is the only athlete around whom he would feel nervous. In his opinion, Woods has got that charm in him that helps in creating a special vibe around him whenever he goes out on a golf course to do his thing.

The Spaniard has been an ardent lover of different kinds of sports since his childhood days and when it comes to golf, Woods is his only idol. Sainz has recently highlighted the reactions that American gets from the crowds and hope to one day have the same kind of aura around him in F1.


Tiger Woods has a massive fanbase all over the World for the brilliant job that he has done as a professional golfer, and Carlos Sainz who is into his second season with the Ferrari team in F1 wants to replicate the same kind of work that Woods as done in his career in golf.

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Carlos Sainz talks about Tiger Woods’s career as a golfing maestro

Carlos Sainz

Formula One drivers are well known for being supporters of various teams, athletes, etc, and Sainz being a fan of Tiger Woods has recently said, “I have always admired people who have been able to change their sport forever and Tiger is one of them, he marked a before and after in golf.

Even today, you can see all the reactions he generates, nobody can explain them, everyone wants him to win despite all the controversies. No other athlete has that aura.”

Tiger Woods

It’s a very interesting case, with someone who is able to create such a charisma that makes everyone want him to win, even if he makes mistakes. I see him as a very interesting character and I hope that one day I can meet him, he is a hero to me. I think it’s the only person who would make me nervous to meet her, it’s someone who impresses me.” 

Moreover, the 27-year-old has admitted that he wanted to try his hand at various kinds of sports, but at the current stage of his life, feels that F1 is his best opportunity of achieving big things. He is fully committed to the cause at Ferrari and wants to lift the F1 Championship as soon as possible.

While talking about the same, Sainz added, “I would have liked to try other sports, but I would never have gotten far, since I think you are born to do something and in my case, it was racing.

Carlos Sainz

Maybe if later I get to play professional golf, I doubt very much that God would give me two good talents. I had the ability to run and I need to maximize it as much as possible. So far, I think I’m doing well.”

Carlos Sainz is content with his role as an F1 driver and feels that racing is the area where can really excel in life and wants to do exceptional things that would garner Worldwide recognition just like his idol Tiger Woods.

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