How much does it cost to repair an F1 car?

Know all about how much it costs to repair an F1 car with the help of this article.

Red Bull Racing's RB18
Red Bull Racing's RB18

F1 has been on the rise in terms of popularity in recent years and with the ever-increasing fanbase, the costs have also increasing by a fair amount in the pinnacle of motor racing.

Moreover, the 2022 F1 season has marked the dawn of a new era in the sport and amidst the increasing costs, the various teams have been given the challenge of operating within a pre-set budget cap.

The cars are getting costlier season after season, and as things stand, F1 has become one of the costliest sport in the World. While the development cost has increased massively, so have the repairing costs.

In consideration of the above point, we are going to look at how much it costs the F1 teams to repair their respective cars, in incase, their drivers wreck them during Grand Prix weekends.

We are going to understand everything one by one and are going to first talk about:

  • 1. Front and Rear Wings
Red Bull
Red Bull

The front wings are a crucial element of an F1 car and are responsible for looking after the aerodynamics of the livery. Moreover, the peculiar wing designs help the drivers in directing the air over the car’s body.

When it comes to rear wings, they are used for advertising and providing the much-needed downforce for the car. It is an extremely tricky task to come with the right front and rear wings and the challenge gets massively tough whenever a driver incurs damage on these parts. As per reports, it is believed that it costs around USD150,000 million each to repair the wings.

  • 2. Engine Costs

The engine of an F1 car are is the heart of the overall machinery and play an extremely important role as the driving force that pushes the car to break speed barriers during races.

The engines often make or break a team’s season and decide whether the team is going to be towards the north or the south end of the grid. Considering the importance of this part, it does not come as a surprise to know that an average Power Unit of an F1 car costs around USD 7.5 million.

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Repairing cost of an F1 cars transmission, steering wheel, and suspension

The F1-75
  • 3. Transmission

The transmission of an F1 car is responsible for reducing the gear shift timings and it costs around USD 200,000 to 250,000 when it comes to repairing the car.

Moreover, there are certain rules that F1 drivers have to follow, the drivers are expected to use the same transmission for a total of six consecutive races. Otherwise, they are given a 5-second time penalty.

  • 4. Steering Wheel
F1 car steering wheel
F1 car steering wheel

The Steering wheel of an F1 car is the element that helps the drivers in spreading their magic on the circuit and while it is responsible for keeping the car on track, it is also one of the costliest parts of an F1 car. Moreover, when it comes to repairs, the costs can vary between USD 75,000 to USD 90,000.

  • 5. Suspension system

The primary job of a suspension system is to maximize the contact between the tires and the tarmac on which the F1 livers are going at blistering speeds.

While they help in going at insane speeds, the part also takes a heavy toll on the F1 teams, in case, the element requires a repairing job. Moreover, with the new 18-inch tires that have been introduced in 2022, the repairing costs can go up to USD 200,000.

F1 is an expensive sport and only the heavy hitters of the motor racing world are able to take part on a regular basis. Moreover, F1’s history has seen many teams come and leave because of financial woes, and the way the sport is growing, the costs are only going to go in one direction, and that is upwards.

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