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How much does Lewis Hamilton’s helmet cost?

Know how much current Mercedes Driver and 7-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton's customised F1 race helmet costs.

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton has achieved the greatest heights in the pinnacle of Motorsports. He has the highest number of wins, podiums and pole positions for a Formula One driver till date and is tied with the great Micheal Schumacher in terms of World Championship titles. Hamilton has inspired millions by his deeds on and off the track and is a prominent advocate against racism and for increased diversity in motorsport.

Hamilton has been in Formula One for over a decade and he has used the platform as a medium to spread the message of equality, inclusivity and love. and One of his mediums is his Helmet. He began his career in 2007 with Mclaren where Lewis sported a bright Yellow coloured helmet. He eventually won the 2008 World Drivers title wearing one.

Hamilton switched to much more cathcier and recognised Purple and Black design while his time at Mercedes from 2013 and beyond. This helmet has featured multiple messages and designs. Le us check out the cost of the Helmet of the 7-time World champion uses.

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Know more about Lewis Hamilton’s Helmet’s price.

Lewis Hamilton wears a rainbow helmet tp support the LGBTQ+ community

In the extremely fast and dangerous world of Motorsports, the Helmet is arguably the most trusted gear worn by drivers. A Formula One driver’s helmet is heavily customised based on the drivers head size and shape, must be light in weight or would end up causing dizziness to the drivers with the added G-forces and goes through rigorous safety tests and checks mandated by FIA and F1. They also are fitted with HANS devices, Radio communication gear and hydration mechanisms used by the driver duting the race.

Lewis Hamilton wears helmets made by Japansese manufacturer Arai, with whom he has long had a “gentleman’s agreement” with. The company makes handmade helmets. The company provides free helmets to F1 drivers without paying sponsorship fee. The lids are manufactured by Bell Helmets. Each helmet is estimated to cost $50,000.

And iconic feature of the 7-time World champions helmets are the “Still I rise” which is engraved in the back of his. This was inspired by his brother who battled Cerebral Palsy. It also has “We stand together”, and the sides have, ‘love is love’ written on it. Hamilton has also featured a rainbow on his helmet ahead of race in Qatar to support the LGBTQ+ community.

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