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“I did not get the recognition I deserved,” Robert Kubica sheds light on his tragic career in F1

Robert Kubica the Alfa Romeo reserve driver has recently had an in-detail conversation regarding his career in Formula One.

Robert Kubica

Robert Kubica was considered a driver with huge potential during his time in F1, however, despite all the hype around his name he was unable to deliver on his promise, after suffering from several injuries in a rallying crash in 2011.

Robert Kubica made a comeback to the sport in 2019 but his stay was short-lived and he has recently talked about the frustration that he felt during his career as an F1 driver.

Scoring a victory in F1 is a dream for all the drivers that take part in the sport and while it remains a dream for most of them, Robert Kubica has felt how it feels to win a Grand Prix in the pinnacle of motorsports.

Robert is the current reserve driver for the Alfa Romeo team but his career could have looked very different had he not had a crash in 2011 that cost him his seat on the Scuderia Ferrari F1 team.

Kubica has recently shared a brief review of his F1 career and while talking about his return in 2019 to F1 said, “After my crash in 2011, I didn’t always think I would return to Formula 1, and so returning to Formula 1 at Williams was the biggest success I’ve ever had in my racing career.”

It was a shame that the car was not good that year, as fans have few memories of my comeback because of that.” 

Similarly, people forget that I was the one who managed to get a World Championship point that year, and that was no easy task with that car. I am still proud of that point scored at the German Grand Prix, it was an important moment in my racing career.”

Robert Kubica

Kubica while shedding light on his current role as Alfa Romeo reserve driver said, “Of course, it’s great to drive an F1 car, but you have to be ready for it. Like now I can do my job for Alfa Romeo and it is fantastic to drive that car.”

However, there is very little time to drive as there is no longer unlimited testing as there used to be. Therefore, it is not easy to drive now, because sometimes you don’t drive an F1 car for months, and then suddenly you get the chance again in a free practice session. But I still do well and I enjoy it every time.”

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Robert Kubica on how tough it is to see other drivers take on the F1 circuits

Robert Kubica

Robert Kubica may have had a short racing career in Formula One, but he still is around and has reflected on how difficult it is for him to see drivers from the pits.

At the same time, it is not easy to watch the other drivers race.” 

Especially because sometimes I am as fast as other drivers or even faster than them. I would really like to drive another season in Formula 1, but realistically I won’t be able to, even though I showed in the worst situation ever that you can always make a comeback.”

Robert Kubica ardently believes that had the 2019 Williams been a stronger car, he could still have been racing in the sport as an F1 driver. “The year at Williams was just very difficult and that made it difficult for me to continue my racing career in Formula 1.”

Like so many other top athletes, I did not get the recognition I deserved. I myself look at top athletes in a very different way.”

If I had had a good car back then, I would undoubtedly still be racing in F1, but unfortunately it doesn’t work like that in Formula 1. It’s a very hard world, as any top sport is, but from my personal experience I can say that my return to F1 was my biggest success ever during my racing career.”

Mike Krack (Left) & Robert Kubica (Right)

After looking at what Kubica has said about his tragic racing career, it is very evident that he still wishes to be an F1 driver but also at the same time is aware that the sport stops for no one.

Williams was his ticket to cement his place back in F1 but unfortunately, it did not pan out the way the polish driver wanted and now he is just content with being the reserve driver of Alfa Romeo and enjoying the time that has left in association with the team.

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