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‘I feel truly re-centred and at peace,’ Lewis Hamilton gains a new perspective of life after visiting Namibia

Lewis Hamilton is travelling through Africa this summer break, and he has called his trip to Namibia a 'life-changing' experience.

Lewis Hamilton

The summer break has begun, and Formula 1 will for around three more weeks. Different drivers do different things during the summer break – Some go to Greece or other places to relax, some spend time with their family, some may just recharge at home, and as for Lewis Hamilton, he is travelling through Africa.

The season can be rather sharply separated for Hamilton. In the first 8 or so races till Azerbaijan, George Russell seemed to have the measure of him, and Hamilton was often the subject of more experiments and misfortune than his teammate, which led to a considerably worse output.

But in the last 5 races or so – Hamilton has become a permanent fixture on the podium (once again), he finished third 3 times in Canada, Silverstone, and Austria. While all of them were partly down to circumstance, in Silverstone, he genuinely looked like a contender for the win until the safety car came out. In the last two races, he has finished second twice. That forms an interesting pattern, where he has finished third 3 times and second 2 times, so perhaps victory is next for him in Belgium?

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Lewis Hamilton calls his journey ‘life-changing’

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton took to Instagram to post pictures of his trip, captioned: “This year I’m spending my summer break doing something I’ve wanted to do for years. I’m finally tracing my roots through Africa and guys, to say this journey has been a grounding experience is an understatement.”

Lewis Hamilton called his trip ‘life-changing’ and more than a ‘grounding experience’: “This has been a life-changing reset. I feel like I have gained a new perspective on life, grown an even stronger love for animals and became even closer with my brothers who I’ve shared this special journey with.”

He said that his ‘first stop‘ was Namibia, which he called ‘one of the most stunning places’ he has ever seen, and that: “Words and pictures do not do it justice. The hot air balloon ride was surreal. We had to land sideways which is definitely something I’ll never forget.”

He ended the post by saying that he could not think of a better place to spend his time off and that ‘I’m off to the next stop.’ Certainly, it would be great if this journey helps him find perspective, and with the ‘life-changing’ experience that he has spoken about, it is possible that we might see an even better Hamilton after the season break.

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