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“I thought he was an Arsenal fan,” Max Verstappen takes a cheeky dig at Lewis Hamilton’s loyalty

The two drivers share a light moment in an otherwise spiced up rivalry.

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton sharing one of their rare light hearted moments

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton share a light moment after what feels like has been ages. The duo’s rivalry during the 2021 season heavily impacted their and their team’s relationships. 


Now that Mercedes seems to be a bit behind red bull on the grid, tensions seem to have loosened between them. However, one can’t deny it’ll stay tight between the teams regardless of the situation on-grid, and if Mercedes does manage to ramp up its development, we might see rivalry peaking yet again, and that too in a blink of an eye.

Lewis Hamilton has been known to be an Arsenal fan, a football club based in London, and now that rumors of the Mercedes driver acquiring a stake in the Chelsea FC, rival to Arsenal FC, alongside Tennis superstar Serena Williams arise, max Verstappen took a slight dig. the reigning champion, as quoted by racingnews365.com from the Press Association news agency, said, “I thought he was an Arsenal fan? And if you are an Arsenal fan going for Chelsea, that is quite interesting. but everyone does what they want with their money, so let’s see what comes out of it.”


Max Verstappen taunts Lewis Hamilton for only acquiring a small stake

Max Verstappen alongside Lewis Hamilton during a press conference

Lewis Hamilton’s ownership will be shared with Serena Williams. Legends of their respective sports are putting in their 10 million pounds of a larger investment by Sir Martin Broughton.

Just like he has full control of the car, as per his statements it looks like the Dutch driver would want total control of a club in case he does buy it. He said, “I am a PSV (Eindhoven) fan and I would never buy Ajax (Amsterdam) And if I was going to buy a football club, I would want to be the full owner and to take the decisions myself, not own just a tiny percentage.”

The rivalry between the two drivers seems to have cooled down a bit following Red Bull’s superiority over Mercedes in terms of car development. But the banter remains to be alive, and we can’t get enough of it.

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