“I trashed the whole floor,” Daniel Ricciardo & Lando Norris share the trouble they caused partying in a Miami hotel

Post the Miami GP, the McLaren boys shared their experience of partying in the hotel room.

McLaren duo Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris
McLaren duo Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris

The entire Miami week has been a completely peculiar experience for the fans and the drivers, and then fun didn’t stop even after the race was over. In recent stories, Norris and Ricciardo shared their tales from the hotel party, where things might have gone out of hand.

Daniel Ricciardo even stated that he did not merely trash the room, but the entire floor.  When Lando Norris was asked about his experiences from his hotel visits, he referred to a hotel incident he and his friends caused back in 2019, but he apologized to anyone he might have caused trouble. 

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“We got kicked out of the pool,” he said. “We were being naughty in the pool and everyone, not just me, got kicked out. So we went up to the rooms [and] had a nice party in the rooms.

“And that was that, so I apologize if there were any disturbed people in the ground above and the ground below. But yeah, it was good fun,”  said Norris, quoted by PlanetF1

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Ricciardo pointed out that the hotel chain has been very helpful for the team. 

Daniel Ricciardo
Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo thanked the hotel chain, saying that they were very helpful. The speed and efficiency of the hotel helped the team with many things that they usually would face trouble with.  Ricciardo even pointed out that they helped the team with their laundry. 

“I will say something that’s not too crazy, but they do very well at helping me stay fresh on race day.”

“There’s been many times where we sweat in our suits and sometimes we use too many on a race weekend and we need to get them expressed cleaned or washed in a short amount of time.

“They’re very quick and efficient with bringing smelly dirty clothes back clean and wonderful,” said the Australian. 

However, the fun didn’t exist for McLaren during the race, as they finished without any points; Lando crashed out after a contact with Latifi on the 39th lap, and Daniel Ricciardo finished 13th, scoring no points in the race.  The team stands 4th in the constructors’ with 46 points. 

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