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“I went to the maximum,” Sergio Perez almost broke his neck during extreme F1 training

Red Bull driver Sergio Perez shared his initial training days in Red Bull.

Sergio Perez is undoubtedly one of the best drivers on the track, and to become a great F1 driver, everyone goes through training that is completely different from what we are used to. 

Formula 1 drivers have to go through a lot of G-forces on fast corners, during crashes, and even on straights. To withstand these forces, F1 drivers are trained differently, with special focus on their necks. The drivers go through a lot of pressure and pain on their necks for this training. 

Watch: Sergio “Checo” Perez almost broke his neck during F1 Training!

Following up on the same, Sergio ‘Checo’ Perez shared his experiences on his initial days in Red Bull. All teams train their drivers in a different way and make them withstand different forces. For Sergio Perez, going from Racing Point to Red Bull was a major change, and his training has certainly been affected. 

For a normal person, driving an F1 car is almost impossible without training, as you have to take in account a lot more things other than G-force itself; the traction control, power on brakes, locking the brakes, etc. 

Sergio Perez was with an ESPN reporter where he showed Checo a viral video of him training his neck, and asked what he was actually doing, because it looked quite painful from his expressions in the video. 

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“We go through a lot of pain,” Perez talks about neck training.

Sergio Perez in his Red Bull

Perez stated that drivers go through a lot of pain while training, and it is extremely hard but equally important to do so as to be prepared for racing and the incidents that follow up there. 

“I nearly broke my neck. It was my first time with Red Bull doing this kind of test. I went to the maximum, not knowing what to expect. You put so much force into the neck when you are not ready,” Perez said, talking about his first extreme exercise with Red Bull, as quoted by GPBlog.

Sergio Perez stands third in the championship with 66 points after having a good start, but struggling with the power unit a couple of times. Red Bull stand 2nd in the constructors’ championship with 151 points. 

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