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“In third place was a surprisingly content Max Verstappen” : Martin Brundle surprised at a more than content Max Verstappen after P3 in the Monaco GP

Martin Brundle has been left flabbergasted by a laidback Max Verstappen after a P3 finish in the Monaco GP

Ferrari's Charles Leclerc trailing behind Red Bull's Max Verstappen in the Monaco Grand Prix

British former racing driver Martin Brundle was baffled by Max Verstappen’s contented demeanour following the Monaco Grand Prix where he had a P3 finish. Brundle explicates why he believes Verstappen was so easygoing and why he feels bad for Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc.

It was a challenging race weekend in Monaco for reigning F1 World Champion Max Verstappen. He battled against his teammate Sergio Perez in each session, and it was no shock that he qualified second to the Mexican. Perez won the race thanks to Red Bull’s winning approach, while Verstappen had to compromise for P3.

”In third place was a surprisingly content Max Verstappen, presumably because he had his current championship rival Leclerc behind him. Max was missing a fraction all weekend for some reason and was behind Perez in that respect. A one-three for Red Bull was a very solid result for the team given that Ferrari were clearly faster,” stated Brundle.

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Martin Brundle sympathizes for Charles Leclerc

Martin Brundle

Charles Leclerc is in more mental anguish. He did all the right things on Saturday, taking pole position after a fantastic qualifying session at the Circuit de Monaco and speeding away well at the onset of the race which was delayed by an hour due to rain showers, but Ferrari’s strategic approach backfired, and he had to resolve for P4.

”You must feel sorry for local boy Charles Leclerc, he aced pole position and comfortably led the race only for strategy to consign him to fourth place. Pitting on lap 18 for intermediates, then again three laps later for slicks with a confused radio message meaning he had to wait briefly for his teammate Carlos Sainz to receive his slicks in a double-stacked pit stop,” mentioned the British former racing driver.

He further described how Red Bull’s Sergio Perez undercut Leclerc in the race and how the Monacan was delayed into P4 by the second stop in the race. After Ferrari’s screw up, Leclerc was unable to regain the lead and lost vital points to Verstappen in the title chase.

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