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‘It Confuses me’: Martin Brundle reflects on his bizarre and viral grid walk

Martin Brundle praised the growing popularity of Formula 1 over the years.

Martin Brundle

Martin Brundle has been on the grid for around 38 years now with 20+ years as a commentator and presenter. He is responsible for the talks bridging the Celebrity and the Sport with questions about F1 and its significance to the popular ones. He reflects on the popularity he receives through the cringe events he goes on having every other race day when he walks on the grid.

Last year Martin was seen being infused by the bodyguards of Megan Thee Stallion, resulting in to ban of bodyguards on the grid. This year in Monaco he was stopped by the people of Simone Ashley. He sees all of it as a bizarre event but also talks about the uneven gain in popularity he receives overnight. 

“Somebody ignores me and my Twitter following goes up 50,000 in the next 24 hours,” Brundle tells Fox Sports. “The whole thing confuses me. People get fans who think they should be on the grid, not some celebrity who has no genuine interest or nil interest whatsoever in the sport, and I kind of get that, but when I get blanked by an A-lister or whatever, then it sort of goes viral. The whole thing is a bit bizarre.” he concluded. 

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Martin Brundle on the increasing popularity of the sport

Kit Harington and Martin Brundle

Martin also talks about the increase in Popularity he sees in the sport over the last few decades and appreciated Liberty Media and Drive to Survive for gaining fans. Also, the young drivers being all over the Media and Social Media has kept them near the fans. But this has just increased the workload on his shoulders. 

“I have never known the sport so popular in the 38 years I’ve been hanging around the F1 paddock. Liberty [Media] have done a good job [with] Drive to Survive. The racing’s been good. People like these young drivers — they’re honest and they’re open, they’re media savvy and they’re social media savvy. I just think the whole business is just snowballing at the moment, so that’s great.”

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“I got a list on [Monaco] race morning confirming about 45 celebrities who were going on the grid and I tried to learn them and find out who they all were and what they all did. It is chaotic,” said Brundle. 

He also looked backed on the Monaco weekend when he was given a list of Celebrities, 45 in total, and he struggled a lot to find the right ones and it was difficult for him to remember everyone with the work they do. 

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