“It doesn’t have the peculiarities of the previous cars,” Christian Horner reveals the reason behind Sergio Perez’s high level of performance

Christian Horner explains the reason behind Sergio Perez's quality performances this year around

Christian Horner and Sergio Perez
Christian Horner and Sergio Perez

Sergio Perez is in driving for Red Bull for the second consecutive season after a flurry of changes in the driver lineup. It all started with Daniel Ricciardo shockingly deciding to leave the team when Christian Horner thought that a nod from the Australian was just a mere formality. We saw Pierre Gasly step into that coveted Red Bull seat but was not even able to make it through the season as he was replaced by Alex Albon mid season.

That showed us how difficult it is to deal with being a team mate of Max Verstappen. Even Alex Albon was also not able to deal with the pressure and was shown the door at the end of the season. That is when Christian Horner decided to give Sergio Perez a chance after his successful stint with Racing Point. The Mexican had a decent season as he scored a total of 190 points as he finished 4th in the driver’s standings.

But this is the season when he come into his own as he has looked more comfortable on that RB-18. Although he hasn’t had any sort of luck, the Mexican has kept his head down and got on with the task at hand. The car has also suited him more because of his innate ability to negotiate the oversteer. His relationship with the team, Max Verstappen and Christian Horner has also grown over the course of the year which has also helped.

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Christian Horner explains the reason behind Sergio Perez’s quality performances this year around

Sergio Perez
Sergio Perez

Christian Horner also believes that there has been a considerable change in the performances of the Mexican this year around. He said, “He’s driving at a very high level. He’s more comfortable in the team this year.

“I think the car suits him better this year. It doesn’t have some of the peculiarities the previous, probably three, cars of ours had.”

“We are happy with the job he’s doing. But everyone within the team is very pleased with the job Checo is continuing to do.”

Sergio Perez has played the perfect team game until this point but Christian Horner would want him to be closer to Max Verstappen so that they can win that elusive constructor’s championship.

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