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“It will be less emotional,” Max Verstappen feels nothing can match the feeling of winning a maiden World title

Max Verstappen feels if he wins another title, the level of excitement is not going to be the same as winning it for the first time.

Max Verstappen got his first taste of winning a World Championship last season and recently while in a conversation with former Red Bull driver David Coulthard, the Dutchman indicated that if he wins another World Championship, the level of emotions is not going to be like winning it for the first time.

While dwelling on winning a second title in the pinnacle of motorsports, Verstappen said, “I think it will be less emotional if it were to happen yeah.”

Because it’s the same as the first race win, my first race win was still the most emotional win of all of them, of course apart from the World Championship. All the other ones they’ve never been as emotional as that one because that’s the first time you get to taste something like that which is such a difficult thing to achieve in Formula 1. So I think it will be different.”

Max Verstappen’s rise in the sport has been unprecedented and after winning his first World title last season, he has been on the money this season as well and is doing really well.

Max Verstappen

Max believes that if he wins the World title this season, then it won’t be able to match the level of jubilation and emotions that he experienced last year in Abu Dhabi.

Moreover, on the prospect, Verstappen said, “I prefer not to really think about that yet, we are on a good run but you have to keep it going.”

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Max Verstappen on signing a long-term contract with Red Bull

Christian Horner and Max Verstappen

Before the start of the season, there was a lot of speculation regarding the future of the 24-year-old with the Red Bull team but all the rumors were put to bed when Red Bull announced that their starlet has signed a mega-contract that is going to keep him tied to the team at least until 2028.

Verstappen while talking about his decision to continue his relationship with the Austrian team said, “The relationship I have within the team, all the people you need to be able to be yourself as well and be happy at what you’re doing and where you’re doing it at.”

And all of that clicked and of course, our goal was to win the championship and we did that and I believe in the people who are already at Red Bull and are coming into Red Bull, and yeah I really believe that we can be successful for a while you know and that’s why I committed for such a long time.”

Max Verstappen has the utmost faith in the Red Bull team to keep fighting for titles in the coming years of the sport and thus has committed his future to the team.

Red Bull’s RB18

Red Bull has done a superb job this season, right from developing the car to scoring big points regularly, they have been brilliant. Moreover, they are currently on top in both the Championships and the way things are going, it would not come as a huge surprise if Max Verstappen wins another title at the end of this season.

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