WATCH: Ex-F1 driver Karun Chandhok’s car bursts into flames during the Goodwood Revival Levant Cup race

Karun Chandhok was driving Ferrari's 250 GTO in the Goodwood Revival race.

WATCH: Ex-F1 driver Karun Chandhok’s car bursts into flames during the Goodwood Revival Levant Cup race

Karun Chandhok's car going up in flames (Credits: @suhailchandhok/Twitter)

The Goodwood Revival is in full swing for 2023. Jenson Button, Johnny Herbert, Mark Webber, and Karun Chandhok among many others raced in the iconic event. As the race was underway, Karun Chandhok’s Ferrari 250 GTO went up in flames. However, Chandhok showed immense alertness as he avoided what could have been a lethal mishap.


Chandhok’s race seemed to be going fine as he was in the fourth position before the drama. But during a turn, his car was suddenly spewing fire. Chandohok seemingly lost control of the car. However, after the car made a 360-degree turn, Chandhok managed to regain control and drove the car onto the grass away from the track, where he quickly got out of the burning vehicle.

Karun Chandhok later tweeted to assure his fans that he was alright. He lamented that his race came to a disappointing end as he tweeted an image of his shoe, which got melted due to the extreme heat.

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Fans react to Karun Chandhok’s abrupt end to his race

Karun Chandhok
Karun Chandhok (via Motorsport)

Karun Chandhok’s recent accident at the Goodwill Revival prompted many fans to show their appreciation to the veteran driver as he displayed an impressive presence of mind to avoid a fatal accident. Chandhok was racing in Ferrari’s 250 GTO, which seemed to catch fire out of nowhere. He was having a decent run as he was going strong in the fourth position but the misfortune saw his race get cut short.

Fans are showing their relief as Chandhok came out of the accident fine, except for a melted shoe. Chandhok’s younger brother Suhail Chandhok also tweeted about the incident and claimed that he thought such ‘stressful’ incidents were behind their family. The Ferrari 250 GTO, which Chandhok was driving, is a very old car that was produced only for two years between 1962 and 1964. Many fans also believe that the use of such old machinery might also be the reason for the accident.

Karun Chandhok retired from professional racing in 2015 but is still actively involved in Formula One from the sidelines. He is currently a presenter for Sky F1 and is seen in various F1 races around the year.

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