Lewis Hamilton drops a cheeky message as Daniel Ricciardo accidentally smashes Lando Norris on the face in a space hopper race

McLaren pair Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris get into a fight over their space hopper race as the Australian cruises to victory.

The media interviews for the upcoming Silverstone Grand Prix is underway and what better team to chat with than McLaren with media sweethearts Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris who were made to participate in a little game where they had to race with each other–while sitting on a pair of space hoppers. The hilarious event took place on the home straight at Silverstone and Daniel targeted his space hooper at Lando Norris towards the end of their “friendly race”.

After being being walloped in the face by Daniel Ricciardo’s space hooper, Lando Norris jokingly complained that he could not see anything. To that, Daniel Ricciardo replied between his giggles with a cheeky “sorry!”, but it was pretty clear they were all enjoying the honey badger’s antics.

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Daniel Ricciardo spices it up in Silverstone even before the Grand Prix weekends kicks off

Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo
Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo

While Sky Sports commentator David Croft was presenting, he found two large space hoopers being brought out for the McLaren pair of Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris so that they could engage in an unconventional race with those big, bouncy balls. The onlookers were left in stitches as Norris’ race kicked off with a disaster as he slipped and almost fell backwards. But he did not let it go, and regained his balance.

While the two McLaren recruits tried hopping to the finish line, Ricciardo’s early lead led him to victory and Norris was left behind the Australian. And then came the moment of madness as Ricciardo flung his space hooper at Lando’s face!

As Lando shouted, “I can’t see!”, Daniel Ricciardo said a cheeky “sorry” between his crazy giggles. In the end, Daniel Ricciardo said, “You know when you do something and you realise you probably shouldn’t have done it? It was too late.”

And in the end, Daniel tweeted out a tiny “he’s ok” message to address that Lando Norris was fine after the space hopper attack. But Lewis Hamilton replied to that with “Is he actually?”, to which, Lando Norris himself tweeted a picture of a battered face, and wrote in the caption “he’s ok“.

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