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Lewis Hamilton to retire early? “The situation at Mercedes is certainly evolving”

After Lewis Hamilton’s poor performance in the season and Russell’s better performance in the same car, Giancarlo Minardi suspects early retirement for Hamilton.

Lewis Hamilton

Since the start of the 2022 season, Lewis Hamilton has managed to score only one podium out of the 5 rounds that have taken place till now. 

This is primarily because Mercedes are failing to perform this season after the regulation changes, whereas other teams have started to perform better than they did until last year. Upon this situation, Giancarlo Minardi, ex-owner of the now-defunct Minardi F1 team, said that Russell has a better control over the car, because he spent a lot of time in Williams. 

According to Minardi, George Russell had been driving a slow car for a very long period of time, so even after Mercedes’ downfall this year, he is able to handle the car much better compared to Lewis, who had been driving the best car on the grid for a very long time

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“You only have to look at his results in the categories that preceded Formula One. In addition, for a long time he drove a very slow car, which emerged in certain circumstances. Therefore, I think he is now better prepared for a lesser situation than Hamilton who by now had become accustomed to driving extremely powerful cars without any particular problems,” Minardi told OASport.

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Is this pointing at Hamilton’s early retirement from the sport?

Lewis Hamilton is his W13 in Miami

Lewis Hamilton is certainly having a hard time, but following this, would he retire early from the sport? George Russell is managing well with the car, on the other hand Hamilton is struggling to score a top 5 finish, if the situation in Mercedes continues like this, it would be a big question for Hamilton’s future in the team or in the sport. 

Minardi said that George Russell’s future seems to be clear in the team, and it is a question for Hamilton.

“I don’t know, we’ll see. The situation at Mercedes is certainly evolving and the choice of Russell is a clear sign for the future.” Minardi said when asked about Hamilton’s early retirement, as stated by GPBlog

As of now, Lewis Hamilton stands 6th in the championship with 36 points, ahead of Lando Norris with 35 points.  George Russell on the other hand, stands 4th with 59 points in the championship.

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