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“Losing time behind this guy he’s really slow,” Lewis Hamilton rages as he is forced to trail behind a slow Carlos Sainz in the Singapore GP

Lewis Hamilton was disappointed during the Singapore GP when he was left trailing behind Carlos Sainz.

Lewis Hamilton

The Singapore Grand Prix was an eventful and dramatic race with several retirements and accidents. The Safety Car and the Virtual Safety car were called out multiple times, showing how easy it is to lose control in this narrow circuit. Overtakes are especially hard on this track as was the case with Lewis Hamilton.


Lewis Hamilton was left trailing behind Carlos Sainz for the better part of the race under wet conditions and this absolutely frustrated the 37-year-old British driver. Sainz was particularly slow throughout the Singapore Grand Prix and behind him, Hamilton kept trying to overtake the Spaniard but failed in all his numerous attempts.

A distraught Hamilton said, “Losing time behind this guy he’s really slow.”


Fans were carefully watching the action unfold and were in awe of Sainz’s ability to defend against Hamilton for so long without yielding his position. Hamilton was very frustrated with this turn of events and there were a lot of hindrances to his plans in the form of SC and VSC.

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F1 twitter reacts to Lewis Hamilton trailing behind Sainz in the Singapore Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton in a press conference at the Singapore Grand Prix (Images through IMAGO / HochZwei)

Fans went berserk on Twitter after seeing Hamilton trail behind Sainz through most of the race, unable to overtake him. The Singapore Gran Prix is a very narrow circuit which makes overtakes very tricky and the Safety Car and the Virtual Safety Car put a dent in his plans for a possible podium position

Fans have gone on Twitter to show their support for Hamilton and their frustration with the whole situation.

Fans were also mocking Hamilton’s inability to overtake Sainz and blaming it on others. Mercedes have been undergoing a disastrous season this year and the race at the Singapore Grand Prix was especially bad for them with Russell scoring no points and Hamilton dropping positions.

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