Mark Webber backs Max Verstappen: “Red Bull will continue to dominate this championship”

Mark Webber backs Red Bull, and Max Verstappen to win a second consecutive Drivers' title.

Mark Webber (L) and Max Verstappen (R)
Mark Webber backs Red Bull, and Max Verstappen to win a second consecutive Drivers' title.

Red Bull and Max Verstappen currently sit mighty on top of the championship table. With 13 races left in the season, the British team have a lead of 76 points over current rivals Ferrari, while Max Verstappen has a comfortable cushion on top of 49 points to Charles Leclerc, who sits in third place.

Red Bull have capitalized on strong pace and Ferrari’s missteps in recent races, especially in Azerbaijan, Spain, and Monaco. In Azerbaijan, Charles Leclerc retired from the lead with an engine issue, with his teammate Carlos Sainz also retiring from mechanical problems. In Spain, Leclerc also retired out of the lead, while in Monaco, a strategic misstep likely cost him the win.

Ferrari looked strong in the first three races, but have now begun to fall away. It is a long season, and it is possible that things may change just as easily again, but former Red Bull driver Mark Webber believes that is unlikely. Webber disregards any potential Ferrari threat and feels that Red Bull will take a comfortable victory in the championship.

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Mark Webber: “Max [Verstappen] could wrap it up with three races to go.”

Max Verstappen
Mark Webber backs Max Verstappen to win a second consecutive world championship.

Speaking to British newspaper ‘The Guardian‘, Webber displayed full confidence in Max Verstappen and his former team, Red Bull. He said:

“Red Bull will continue to dominate this championship. They have a car that is very good on downforce levels, on all compounds of tire. Red Bull have pretty much an answer for anything at the moment, Max could wrap it up with three races to go.”

Talking about a potential title challenge from Verstappen’s teammate, Sergio Perez, and ‘team orders’, Webber felt that Verstappen had proved that he is the superior driver:

“I like Sergio a lot but over the course of the season, over time, Max will just find a way to start accumulating bigger points In Azerbaijan Max drove away down the road, it was a very emphatic victory.

While Sergio Perez crashed during qualifying in Q2 and started P13 (retiring during the race with what was a transmission issue), Max Verstappen was supreme all weekend: “Then in Canada, it’s raining, it’s dry, it’s cold, it’s tricky and Max all weekend was phenomenal.”

Webber also praised Red Bull for delivering under the pressure, with special praise for strategist Hanna Schmitz: “I know deep down they like the heat, delivering under pressure.” he added: “Give them a job and they just get on with it.”

“Hanna Schmitz, the race strategist, she was there when I was there. The same people have been through the tough times and the great times, that’s something I really admire.”

As confirmed by Christian Horner, Red Bull will only be bringing ‘modest’ upgrades to the RB18 till the summer break. Despite that, they are certainly squarely in the fight. In Silverstone, Max Verstappen will be looking for victory and revenge. Ferrari and Mercedes are both going to be bringing upgrades to the circuit, and this makes for a tantalizing prospect, with many different storylines.

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