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Martin Brundle feels Max Verstappen just can’t ‘catch a break’ at Silverstone

Martin Brundle on Max Verstappen's continuing bad luck at Silverstone.

Martin Brundle & Max Verstappen

Martin Brundle the former Formula One driver has recently shared his views on the outing of Max Verstappen at Silverstone. The Dutchman incurred damage to his side floor during the race and tumbled down the order to P7 after running in podium places.

The vastly experienced Martin Brundle believes that the Dutchman does not seem to catch a break whenever the F1 carnival goes to Silverstone.

Last year he went into the walls on the first lap of the race and this year suffered from mechanical issues that halted his progress.

Brundle via his column for Sky Sports has written, “The championship leader didn’t have much luck this year againHe should have been on pole position but a yellow flag scuppered his final run, and he easily led away the first start until the red flag.” On the restart, the Dutchman lost his won position as the original starting grid was used.”

Max Verstappen

Martin Brundle has accurately pointed to the chaotic start where Max Verstappen was able to get ahead of Carlos Sainz but because of the Red Flag, had to give up the position in favor of the Spaniard when the race got going again.

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Martin Brundle: Max had a massive slice of AlphaTauri’s bodywork stuck under his RB18’s floor

Martin Brundle

On the second time of asking when the race began, Max was able to overtake Carlos Sainz to attain P1 but soon after he went over the bodywork that was left on the track by AlphaTauri drivers Pierre Gasly and Yuki Tsunoda.

After going over the carbon fiber, it got stuck under Verstappen’s car and from then onwards he was fighting a lost battle. The Dutchman was immediately overtaken by the Ferrari duo of Sainz and Leclerc.

Brundle while dwelling on the situation wrote, “Verstappen had a massive slice of sister team Alpha Tauri’s bodywork stuck in his underfloor like a dagger meaning half that critical underfloor wasn’t generating downforce.”

Max Verstappen

The 63-year-old feels it was all about damage limitation for Max Verstappen ever since AplhaTauri’s bodywork got stuck under his car. Despite the issue with his car Max was somehow able to finish in P7 as at one moment it was looking like he could end up out of points-scoring positions.

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