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Mattia Binotto reveals huge engine gains to be the key factor for Ferrari’s success in F1 2022

Ferrari Team Principal Mattia Binotto speaks hopefully of the their record-breaking engine gains for this season that have helped the team.find their much-needed pace.

Mattia Binotto

While the last two seasons have been quite upsetting for Scuderia Ferrari, the Italian team wowed every Formula 1 follower as soon as they dropped their F1-75 racecar for this year. The car was initially touted to be the fastest on the grid, and it hugely favored the Scuderia’s chances at winning the Constructors’ Championship trophy. Even though the Maranello outfit has lost out on a big chunk of valuable Championship points because of their flawed tactics, Mattia Binotto has said, the engine gains that the team has made for the 2022 Formula 1 season are their highlight for this year.

As of now, there remains a little less than a hundred points between Red Bull, the leading team of this season and Ferrari, the team that was earlier considered to be the Championship favorite of F1 pundits and fans alike. After two difficult years, then Ferrari came back to Bahrain at the season opener and scored a brilliant 1-2 finish, it showed everyone that the team is here to win. And in Mattia Binotto‘s words, the key factor that helped Ferrari scale to the top of the Constructors’ Standings has been their engine gains.

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Mattia Binotto speaks on the record-breaking engine gains of Ferrari in 2022

Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto

Even though the past couple of years had been disappointing for Ferrari because of their widening speed-gap from Red Bull and Mercedes, the Maranello outfit came through with their engine for this year. While the experts had their reservations about labeling the F1-75 as a Championship winner at the very first look that Ferrari revealed, the doubts were shattered as soon as the near-perfect car finished at the top of the charts in Bahrain.

Drawing hopes from the engine gains that have helped Ferrari stay in the top 2 in this year’s Championship, their team Principal Mattia Binotto said that, “On the power unit, we set big numbers in terms of objectives. And what I’ve seen that we have been capable of developing during last season for 2022 on the power unit, in more than 25 years in Maranello, I never saw that.

That’s showing how much the team has been capable of delivering. So that was great on the power unit.”

In Binotto’s words, the team has come a long way in developing the perfect power unit that has both pace and reliability. And now, he hopes that the team will continue to improve upon their performance in further seasons.

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