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“Max owes him one”: Martin Brundle claims Max Verstappen is indebted to Sergio Perez

Martin Brundle believes that Max Verstappen owes one to Sergio Perez for his assistance at the Spanish Grand Prix

Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez at the Spanish Grand Prix

According to British former racing driver Martin Brundle, reigning F1 world champion Max Verstappen owes teammate Sergio Perez after the Mexican handed the Dutchman the lead during the Spanish Grand Prix. According to Brundle, this was redundant.

Perez momentarily led the Spanish Grand Prix, but with Verstappen chasing on fresher tyres, the team quickly made its presence known on the board radio. If Verstappen was quicker, Perez had to let him pass. Perez felt it was unfair, but he followed the team’s instructions.

Brundle mentions in his F1 column that he did not believe Verstappen’s ‘different strategy,’ as described by Red Bull, was a different approach. Verstappen’s tyres were only six laps newer than Perez’s. According to the current F1 journalist, Perez had a fair argument when he said it was unfair that he had to leave Max in front. Perez should have done the very same earlier in the race, and Verstappen did not do the contrary when Perez was behind him on fresh tyres.

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Martin Brundle explains why Max Verstappen is indebted to Sergio Perez

Martin Brundle

”Team were going to get a 1-2 anyway having dispatched Russell and assuming no safety car interferences or suchlike. Perez was leading because he had been fast and had stayed on the road, and at that stage it could easily be considered normal to protect the cars and hold station for a Perez victory. While it doesn’t play out well for the team or either driver, if I was on the Red Bull pit wall I’d have done the same and taken the flak,” said Martin Brundle.

Brundle went on to mention the impressive speed and flair displayed by Charles Leclerc this season in Ferrari’s F1-75. And, that in the beginning of the season, one would reckon that would only be Verstappen who would provide a tough fight against Leclerc.

Brundle does not dismiss the possibility that Perez’s agreement allows for such a change, saying, “But Max owes him one.” In the meantime, Perez remains in decent form in the championship. He is only 25 points behind Verstappen in P3 in the World Drivers’ Championship leaderboard.

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