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“Max shot past me like an arrow,” Sebastian Vettel talks about getting overtaken by Max Verstappen on final lap of Singapore GP

Sebastian Vettel after the Singapore Grand Prix has revealed that he couldn't keep Max Verstappen behind him during the closing stages of the race.

Sebastian and Max

Sebastian Vettel has a tremendous outing for the Aston Martin F1 team at the Marina Bay Street Circuit, and afterward, has indicated that it was near impossible for him to keep the aggressive Max Verstappen behind him during the closing stages of the Singapore GP.


Sebastian Vettel started the race from P13, however, the moment the lights went out, he burst into life and made a brilliant 5 places on the first lap of the race.

While talking about his early exploits in the race, Vettel said, “I knew I had to be aggressive at the start. First patience, then I started pushing. In the formation lap, I looked at different lines and that worked well.”


It is well-known in the F1 paddock that the German is one of the most prolific drivers when it comes to judging on-track conditions, and as revealed by Vettel himself, on the formation lap he looked for places from where could make an early impact.

Sebastian Vettel

After assessing his options, the 35-year-old made all the right decisions and found himself in a very good position to get something out of the race. Sebastian Vettel ended his evening with a P8 finish to his name.

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Sebastian Vettel’s take on his closing stages fight with Max Verstappen

Sebastian Vettel

Max Verstappen had a race to forget at the Marina Bay Circuit where he was stuck in traffic for more parts of the race. However, despite his woes, he was able to make progress and by the last lap of the race, was right on the tail of Sebastian Vettel’s AMR22.

The German was put under extreme pressure by the 25-year-old, and ultimately, he had no option but to succumb to the pace of Verstappen’s superior livery.

While sharing his thoughts over his fight with Verstappen, Vettel added, “At the end, I was a bit stuck and couldn’t put pressure on the guys in front of me. The drivers behind me were much faster. Max shot past me like an arrow.”

Sebastian Vettel

The former four-time F1, World Champion, has admitted that it got difficult for him to challenge the guys running ahead of him during the closing stages of the race, and sees it as one of the reasons why he was not able to put much of a fight against Max Verstappen.

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