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 Max Verstappen takes the safe road: “Not correct to use these words but Nelson Piquet certainly not a racist”

Max Verstappen backs Lewis Hamilton in the fight against Racism

Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen finally comes out with his views over the “n” word used a lot during the week before Silverstone. The latest controversy includes Nelson Piquet, Kelly Piquet’s father, using the Portegues version of the word, very similar to the actual one, over a podcast that brought all the limelight over his head.

Although Nelson apologised to the 7-time world champion Lewis Hamilton for his words the former F1 racer still needs to bear the consequences. Lewis Hamilton along with F1 as a whole is moving towards an era of free entry that the sport will witness without any discrimination for any race, and the latest events prove a lot more work is to be done. 

Although Max sided with Lewis for the right cause, he still keeps things safe from himself, “I think it’s not correct to use these words in general. I think that already starts with education nowadays from a younger age that at home at schools and it needs to be taught that you can’t say or use these words in general. That’s what we’re working on,” said Max.

He continued his play safe role and sided with Nelson as well mentioning the latter doesn’t have a racist mind, “He’s actually a really nice and relaxed guy, and I’m pretty sure that also the statement he released, I think you can see the word in two ways. But I think it’s still better not to use it,” Max concluded. 

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Max Verstappen backs Lewis Hamilton in the fight against Racism

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen after the end of the race at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Max Verstappen holds hand with his arch-rival, Lewis Hamilton, over the fight against racism and backs the 7 time champion for the work he is putting to bring the change for the good. 

“F1 together with Lewis, they’re working on that for the future and all the drivers are behind that, we are all supporting that”, says the Dutchman.

The three-time world champion is no longer allowed in the paddock for the race weekends,  As a punishment for his actions, which the regaining world champion Max Verstappen agrees to.

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