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Max Verstappen’s RB18 floor required repairs

Early on in FP2 in Silverstone, Max Verstappen had to come into the pits due to problems with his new floor.

Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen is having a fantastic season. The Dutchman has won 6 races this season, including 5 in the last 6 races since Australia. The car has generally looked strong this season, and Verstappen is well poised in the championship fight right now, currently 49 points ahead of Charles Leclerc, who is now third behind Sergio Perez.

Max Verstappen’s lead is somewhat down to the missteps of Red Bull’s current rivals in Ferrari. While the Prancing Horses have looked the stronger car the past few races, victory has consistently eluded them. In such a situation, neither team can afford a misstep, and it is imperative to go full throttle.

Last year, Max Verstappen had a bitter end to his race weekend. On the first lap, Verstappen and Hamilton were locked into a battle for the lead. Going into Copse, Hamilton attempted to go down Verstappen’s inside, but they touched tires, and Verstappen got sent into the barriers past the gravel at 51G. Verstappen will certainly be looking for revenge in Silverstone, but the weekend is not going very smoothly.

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Verstappen’s new floor was damaged during FP2

Max Verstappen in the RB-18

The first practice session did not see a lot of running, due to irregular rain. The second practice session had only just started when Max Verstappen started complaining of ‘strange noises’ coming from the car. As reported by GPBlog, while initially, it seemed all as well, it became clear later that the car required repairs.

As it was seen on the Sky Sports broadcast, when the camera was on the Red Bull garage, mechanics were busy at work conducting repairs to Verstappen’s RB18. This confirmed what he had thought earlier, that the car was indeed damaged. Perhaps what was even more curious was that renowned Chief Technological Officer of Red Bull, Adrian Newey was also present in the garage.

Verstappen is driving with a new floor in Silverstone, and of course, it is imperative that they gather data on performance and fix any damage to the component as possible to ensure smooth running for the weekend. Sergio Perez, however, will not receive the new floor in Silverstone.

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