McLaren poaches $53 billion worth Mercedes sponsor for 2024 season

McLaren signed Monster Energy, Red Bull's primarily energy drink rival.

McLaren poaches $53 billion worth Mercedes sponsor for 2024 season

McLaren and Monster Energy (via PlanetF1)

Monster Energy is Red Bull’s primary rival in the energy drink market and coincidentally happens to be involved in Formula One as well. Monster began sponsoring Mercedes F1 in 2010, a contract that lasted until 2023. 

McLaren and Mercedes could have a slight tussle from 2024, as the Papaya team threatens to get dangerously close or even go past Mercedes in car development for the 2024 season. Tensions could rise further after McLaren extended their power unit deal with Mercedes.


Now, another ingredient has been added to the catalyst of friction between the two teams, as McLaren has gotten Monster Energy to sponsor them for the 2024 season, a switch from the energy drink company’s longtime team Mercedes.

The $53 billion brewing company also had a separate endorsement deal with Lewis Hamilton during their sponsorship of Mercedes, and they even launched a special edition of the drink with the 7x Champion’s branding.

McLaren 2023 progress hailed by Lando Norris after clinching Constructors’ P4

McLaren has had one of the most incredible comeback seasons in recent F1 history, going from a complete backmarker team to competing regularly for podiums. The British outfit brought major upgrades in Austria that catapulted them from the back of the field to the podium.

Lando Norris
Lando Norris (via Imago)

Lando Norris was the lead pointscorer for McLaren, achieving seven podiums through the course of the season. Norris has claimed that McLaren could potentially battle with Red Bull in 2024 after a strong comeback in 2023. The Briton praised the team for beating Aston Martin to fourth in the Constructors’ Standings after being so far behind the Silverstone team.

For the morale, for the motivation, just to know we beat a team we were a long way behind in the beginning of the year, so [it] shows the hard work paid off. It’s a good bonus for everyone that’s part of the team, so very happy for them. Happy to be a part of it and to help that progression that we needed this year. We took one of the biggest steps we’ve ever done, but we know we want a lot more.
Lando Norris said, as reported by

McLaren and Zak Brown promised Lando Norris a car that could compete for championships ahead of his contract extension. The 23-year-old has denied offers or even contract talks with currently successful teams such as Red Bull or Ferrari, preferring to stay in the team he has spent his entire career in.

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