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“My job is running an F1 team, it’s not being an actor” : Guenther Steiner makes a shocking claim that he has never seen Drive to Survive

In a recent interview leading up to the Miami Grand Prix, Haas' Guenther Steiner made a bombshell claim that he has never watched the Drive to Survive docuseries on Netflix even though the show has featured him heavily in all its seasons.

Guenther Steiner

When Netflix announced the release of ‘Drive to Survive‘–a docuseries focusing on the life beyond the racing in Formula 1, Motorsport fans were unsure of how the programme will perform, given the fact that Formula 1 serves a very niche audience. But surprisingly, the 2019 series proved to be a genius idea as it garnered millions of views and was renewed by the streaming giant for a second season as well.

Now, Netflix has just dropped the fourth season of Drive to Survive as the docuseries has attained international fame, bringing Formula 1 to the United States as well. Previously, the sport of F1 struggled to reach the people across the pond because the Americans were more focused on NASCAR. But now, DTS has contributed massively towards the popularization of F1 in the US.

While F1 might be viewed as a very technical sport, Drive to Survive focused on the life beyond all the technicaloties as it documented the happenings in the F1 paddock. And there, we got to meet some amazing characters–one of whom is the Haas F1 Team Principal Guenther Steiner. The Italian has been shown in the series as a very animated personality whose famous catchphrases have been made into memes after the viewers watched him on DTS. But while speaking about his appearance on the docuseries, Guenther Steiner had some very different views from what one might expect to heard from him.

Guenther Steiner says he never put up a fave personality for the sake of views in Drive to Survive

Guenther Steiner

For Guenther Steiner, his job as the Team Principal of Haas is much more valuable than appearing as an actor in the Drive to Survive docuseries on Netflix. Although the series has highlighted how the Italian is unfiltered and unapologetic when it comes to running his team, Steiner said that he never put up a show for the camera. Whatever DTS has shown him to be, that is the genuine Guenther Steiner.

Haas’ Guenther Steiner also said that he had not even watched DTS although the show has made him one of the most popular F1 Team Principals of the present times. While discussing the show, he said, “With Drive to Survive, the biggest thing is, if I watch it, you try to do different and [be] better, whatever better is. But then it is not me anymore. Then I have to put effort into doing that and then I cannot focus on my job.

He further said, “My job is running an F1 team, it’s not being an actor. As much as people say ‘oh you are a good actor’ – no, I am not an actor, I am doing my job. That’s maybe the difference. I always say I am too ugly to be an actor.

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