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“NBA is far more popular than F1,” American fans engage in a controversial argument as reporter makes big error at Miami GP

NBA fans rage out on Twitter as an F1 reporter makes a major error at the Miami Grand Prix. 

At the first ever Miami Grand Prix today, Martin Brundle, a Sky Sports F1 presenter made a huge error while interviewing which made it an awkward situation, and the fans raged on Twitter. 

Martin was supposed to be interviewing NFL Star Patrick Mahomes, but he mistook him for another person and interviewed Paolo Banchero instead. 

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This left Formula 1 fans laughing up and down the paddock, even on social media. 

It was only halfway through the interview when Brindle realized that he wasn’t talking to Patrick, to which he turned to the camera and said, “he’s not Patrick, that’s why he ignored me,” he then asked the name of the person with grace, ot which Banchero told him his name. 

“Well I thought I was talking to somebody else, I’m sorry about that.” followed up Martin.

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NBA fans took out the rage on Twitter as the mistake was really “silly.”

Martin Brundle

Even though the paddock was filled with laughter, some of the NBA fans on the Internet seemed to be angry after Martin’s silly mistake, and bashed out on Twitter. 

This ultimately led to an argument between the American fans about which sport is more popular than the other. Some of the fans blamed Brundle as “he is a reporter and should be doing research before interviewing someone.”

Paolo Banchero is a 19 year old prospect in the sport; he would also be in the 2022 NBA draft, where he could be a top-three pick, a major milestone. Last season, he averaged 17.2 points with 7.8 rebounds; he was playing college basketball with Duke. 

It was only a few weeks ago when Paolo declared himself for the NBA draft. 

This wasn’t the only silly thing Brundle had to face today; he tried to interview football legend David Beckham twice before succeeding the third time, and also there were some interesting exchange of words between the musician DJ Khaled and Martin. 

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