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Nico Rosberg dismisses controversial paddock access reports during Monaco GP

Nico Rosberg opens up on the Monaco rumors surrounding him.

Nico Rosberg

Nico Rosberg the 2016 Formula One World Champion and current F1 analyst have blatantly dismissed all reports that were saying that during the Monaco GP he was denied access to the exclusive F1 paddock.

The Sky Sports pundit has recently come out and cleared all the air regarding the Monaco incident and has said that during the Monaco GP he “didn’t try” to gain access.

During the current season, Nico has been doing most of his F1 duties from the comfort of his home in Monte Carlo and one of the reasons behind this is the fact that he is unvaccinated.

Whenever the topic has come up Nico has tried to avoid speaking on it as behind his decision to not get vaccinated is his doctor’s advice who feels that Nico has enough antibodies to fight against it as he has previously been affected with the virus.

Rosberg’s PR manager has also weighed in on the situation and has told the media that he was not denied paddock access in Monaco.

While giving precise details Rosberg’s PR manager said, “Nico Rosberg recovered from a coronavirus infection and currently holds a recovery certificate.”

He has his antibody levels tested regularly and, on the recommendation of his doctor, does not currently require any vaccinations.”

In addition, he continues to comply with all necessary hygiene and precautionary measures.”

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Nico Rosberg was with Martin Brundle a few kilometers away during the Monaco weekend

Martin and Nico

Nico Rosberg during the rain-affected Monaco GP was nowhere near the Monaco circuit and was with former F1 racing driver turned commentator Martin Brundle.

To put a permanent stop to the annoying rumors Nico’s PR manager has further said, “This is not true. He didn’t try to get into the F1 paddock.”

Nico Rosberg

Until last year, Formula One accepted negative PCR tests from those who generally had access to the F1 paddock but from the 2022 season onwards a rule has been put in place according to which only vaccinated personnel is allowed access.

This rule, however, is not laid in stone and is flexible for those with medical reasons and can be given access in some cases.

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