“Our car works reasonably well,” Alfa Romeo identifies the area of weakness in an otherwise ‘good all rounder’ C-42

The Italian team has made a stride in the midfield, thanks to a competent car.

Alfa Romeo
Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo started their 2022 season decently as both of its drivers, who signed for the team this season, finished in points. This came as a surprise for many, given the disastrous rounds of pre-season testing. 

In Australia, Alfa Romeo’s performance declined. Addressing and identifying the issue with the car, the team’s head of trackside engineering, Xevi Pujolar, as quoted by GP Fans, said that they have identified the key issue with the C-42. The key issue being the pace on Saturday, aka qualifying. He said, “Our car works reasonably well on all kinds of different tracks. We have seen some areas where we need a bit more performance and we are working on it. Also, I think in terms of race pace, we are a bit stronger than in qualifying.”

He added, “Especially on Saturday with the C5, you could see that some teams have a bit of an advantage and we are working on that, especially with the soft compound on this type of Tarmac.”

Xevi Pujolar’s satisfaction with Alfa Romeo’s performance

Alfa Romeo driver Valtteri Bottas

Valtteri Bottas, who has been brought in to pair with the Chinese driver Guanyu Zhou, had been on a roll until Australia, where the Finn visibly lacked pace compared to the rest of the grid. Until then, in the first two rounds, Bottas made regular moves for the top 6.

The team has appeared to be competitive. Speaking of which, Xevi said, “In the race, in terms of how we worked the tyres with the drivers and with the car itself. I think we are very pleased and we are consistently there fighting with pretty much everyone for the points.”

Valtteri Bottas looks in great form so far and has driven smartly. In Saudi Arabia, he made the best of the battle between the two Alpines. The Finn will be on the lookout for opportunities in Imola, where he had an unfortunate accident with the then Williams driver George Russell.

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