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“Our passion is across everything,” Mercedes ardent towards improving sustainability

Mercedes and Toto Wolff are working towards a better future with more support for a sustainable and carbon-free world ahead of them.

Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff

Toto Wolff, Mercedes’ team boss opens up with his team working ahead toward a more sustainable world. With many drivers working towards making the environment better including Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel, Toto Wolff didn’t hide his thoughts over it. He appreciates all the concerns and leads on to mention Mercedes doing everything possible to maintain the decorum all around the environment.

Many drivers have also openly expressed interest and wants regarding the changes needed to keep the world in shape. Sebastian Vettel and Lewis are mostly the ones who openly show their concerns towards the environment and the world. They try to protest against the wrongs and support the right every time they have a stage ready.

Toto Wolff gives a thumbs up on working for the environment as well with his team. “This is the future for us all. We are a team of problem solvers. Whether deploying our resources to drive technological advances that will help society address the environmental challenges that we face, or committing to increase the diversity of our workforce and supporting those in need in our local communities, our passion isn’t just in the cars you see on the track, it’s across everything we do,” stressed Toto.

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Mercedes supports sustainable fuel for the Formula 1 future.


With Formula 1 moving towards a more sustainable and carbon-free future, the sport plans to be out 100 per cent sustained fuel by 2030. Toto keeps his heads up with his team already working towards this goal.

“We’re setting ourselves ambitions on how to become more sustainable across all that we do,” Toto said.

Mercedes Battles with Ferrari for the P2 spot, with the Italian team 30 seconds ahead of the British team. Though Mercedes plans to bring huge upgrades to their cars, things could get spicy as the summer break ends.

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