Sebastian Vettel forced to chase looted bag on scooter in a bizarre robbery

Sebastian Vettel has reportedly been robbed by a group of thieves in Barcelona

Sebastian Vettel
Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel had a notable morning in store the day after the Spanish Grand Prix. The Aston Martin driver’s bag was nicked from his car, and the German then went on a scooter to track down the GPS location of his AirPods.

The morning after the race, Vettel was reportedly robbed. The German would have left his car window ajar while his bag had been inside. Robbers exploited the scenario and stole the bag. The bag contained the driver’s AirPods as well as his personal (transportation) papers.

Vettel is the third Formula One driver to have been swindled in the last ten months. Lando Norris’ watch was stolen during the Euro 2020 final protests last summer. Last month, Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc had a $320,000 Richard Mille watch nicked from his wrist while posing for a picture with fans.

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More about the robbery reported by Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel
Sebastian Vettel

The Aston Martin driver was able to monitor the robbers because the wireless earphones had a GPS module. According to the Spanish media, Vettel rode his on scooter to seek his stolen bag.

Because we all know that when Vettel sees a scooter, he makes it a point to ride it. The Heppenheimer eventually discovered his AirPods in a store in Barcelona’s El Raval suburb. The bag and papers were still yet to be found.

It is presumed that the robbers realised the AirPods were GPS trackable and thus discarded them in a shop. According to local news media, the police are investigating further because Vettel reported the robbery.

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