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‘The first Grand Prix under water in 2060,’ Sebastian Vettel delivers a statement at Grand Opening Party in Miami

The German driver, Sebastian Vettel conveys a powerful message at an event hosted by Formula 1 ahead of the Miami Grand Prix.

Formula 1 weekend in Miami has already set in motion last night. The sport hosted the Miami Opening Party at the Hard Rock Stadium. The event was anchored by the voice of Formula 1, David Croft alongside W-series ambassador, Naomi Schiff. The opening party saw a turnout of huge number of American fans, attending to catch the first glimpse of their favourite driver. Each team principal and team drivers expressed their excitement ahead of the Grand Prix and the evening concluded in a superstar performance by the DJ Kygo.

The driver who stood out in the interviews was the Aston Martin driver, Sebastian Vettel. Each driver wore their respective team kits when attending the event, but Sebastian Vettel had other ideas. The German wore his teams colours, along with a unique tshirt. Vettel’s tshirt represented a helmet under water with a snorkel attached. In doing so, it pointed to the rising water level. The shirt further was printed with a text : Miami 2060, ‘The first Grand Prix underwater. Take action now or swim later’.

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Aston Martin driver, Sebastian Vettel Puts Himself In The Spotlight

Sebastian Vettel Statement Of Purpose

Formula 1 in recent times has seen multiple drivers on the grid use their platform to deliver a statement about a cause. The sport itself ensures to deliver a statement of no tolerance towards racism using ‘We Race as One’ on every car livery and driver equipments on the grid. This is a brilliant initiative taken up by Formula 1 in the wake of terrible incident involving George Floyd and others.

The four time world champion, Sebastian Vettel is one of the most famous names on the grid currently. The words and statements he delivers hold a lot of power due to his vivid following, which the German realises. Out in Miami, he already has turned the heads without even speaking any words about the cause. The driver’s attire was enough to send shock waves throughout the event last night.

The sport also has seen Lewis Hamilton use his platform massively, to support causes like gender equality and ending racism. Previous season, when Formula 1 went racing in the middle east, Hamilton and Vettel both had special helmets showing support towards the LGBTQ community. Such efforts from the drivers and Formula 1 itself is a very importance to spread awareness about such unrighteous events which hold high priority in today’s world.

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