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Sebastian Vettel to not appear on F1 TV shows: “I’m not going to be a TV pundit.”

The German driver has said that he would not follow the path that most German drivers do.

Sebastian Vettel

This F1 season for Sebastian Vettel has been tough till now, as he wasn’t able to race in the first two races after testing positive for COVID, and had to retire early in Australia, scoring 0 points. The only 4 points he has scored this season were scored in the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, after finishing 8th in the race. 

This certainly puts the German’s future in the sport at question; although he is a four time World Champion from Red Bull, and was one of the championship contenders in Ferrari along with Lewis Hamilton in 2018 and 2019, Aston Martin have failed to provide the pace the car needs to be competitive, and this could lead to Vettel not extending his contract with the team.

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German drivers and the television industry have quite a bit of connection; many of them went ahead after their retirement from the sport to become race analyst or motorsport experts on TV shows. Drivers such as Nico Hulkenberg, Nico Rosberg, Ralf Schumacher have done this. 

When Sebastian Vettel was asked if he would do the same post retirement from the sport, he disagreed. 

He said that he does not know what he would do after the 2022 season, he might as well extend his contract with Aston Martin, but that would depend on his and the car’s performance this year; maybe if the AMR22 upgrades enough to give Vettel the pace, he could score a couple of podiums. But until then, everything is on a cliffhanger. 

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Vettel won’t be seen as an analyst on TV “anytime soon”

Aston Martin driver Sebastian Vettel

Addressing the same, Sebastian Vettel denied that he would be on TV as an analyst or anything. “I’m not going to be a TV pundit. No, no,” he said, quoted by GPBlog.

Sebastian Vettel’s future in the sport is becoming a question, and it has become something he himself is not sure about as he has stated many times. 

“It’s what I love, so you never know. Maybe I’ll keep racing, but maybe not right away,” the German stated. 

Sebastian Vettel, as of now, stands 14th in the championship with 4 points in his bag. 

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