Formula 1 to choose between two track layouts in the future at the Spanish GP

Barcelona track director, Jose Luis Santamaria reveals that Formula 1 to get an option between two tracks layout at the Spanish GP from 2023.

Barcelona track

The changes made in Formula 1 this season are all in a view to promote better on track racing. Be it any factor from the new 18 inch tyres to the ground effects which these new cars use. The tweaks in the rules have been successful for closer racing, but get limited by the aspects of certain tracks on the calendar. In light of this, the Spanish GP is said to remove the chicane in its third sector in 2023.

Recently, at Melbourne we witnessed various changes to the Albert Park. This was done to make the track more flowing and provide more overtaking opportunities to the driver. The same is being done for the Barcelona track by removing the chicane. This would translate into recovery of the classic third sector, without the chicane from entry to the finish line, which slows down the cars without offering significant overtaking opportunities.

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“We have been working to homologate the old layout without the chicane as Formula 1 Grade 1” says track director ahead, Jose Luis Santamaria of the Spanish GP

The personnel at Barcelona have ensure that the adjustments made to the track do not come at the cost of the safety of the drivers. The first pre-season test was held at this city and helped the track officials understand how these modern cars react to their current layout. The drivers are safe in an event of an accident with a TecPro protection barrier in front of the existing tire barriers.

The track director, Jose Luis Santamaria expressed his views by saying, “Taking advantage of Formula 1, we are going to homologate that track and it will be up to the promoters of the races if they want to use one track or another. The idea is that, with these new security measures, the circuit can be Grade 1 with both variants.”

It is great to see the tracks contracted by the sport putting in the work to provide better racing opportunities. This is a step in right direction for Formula 1 and in a time where the old tracks are losing their position on the calendar, Barcelona makes its position even stronger with said changes.

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