“The sport doesn’t come with ‘Princess and the Pea’ mattresses,” David Coulthard hits out at Lewis Hamilton’s following porpoising complaints

David Coulthard explained a Sportsman's struggle comparing Formula1 to other sports.

David Coulthard
David Coulthard

David Coulthard, a former Formula 1 driver, criticized Lewis Hamilton over his porpoising woes and harshly asked the driver to step aside if he is in trouble. Formula 1 isn’t a comforting sport, according to the 51-year-old, the sport needs to be rough as all other sports are, and the 7-time world champion thinks otherwise he is better off going home.

Lewis Hamilton finished on the podium for the second time this season after struggling a lot to drive his W13. Lewis asked Formula 1 to do more about the proposing and bouncing off the car, which David didn’t like, but was supported by Toto Wolff and Geroge Russell. Mercedes vowed to sort out its bouncing issues after Spain but got into trouble after the Baku GP with Lewis’s almost missing the Canadian GP due to back aches caused by the car, things got better for the team in Canada, but the 37-year-old still asks for more. 

“There’s a whole bunch of guys and girls that would very happily step into your car if you feel uncomfortable,” said David according to Express. 

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David Coulthard compared other sports to Formula 1

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

David talked about the painful events all sportsmen need to go through to perform at their best, he mentioned Boxing as an example of a repulsive sport that gives you a punch for a punch. He also mentioned his girlfriend, a football player, having scars on his legs from being a striker and a captain.

“My girlfriend used to play for the Swedish national team, and she’s got marks on her legs because as a captain, as a striker, she was getting taken out of matches,” the former F1 driver continued. 

The ultimate solution to the porpoising issues is to be meant by the teams and the authorities, thinks David, “I think we have to keep a bit of perspective that this is where certain teams are,” he continued asking the board to leave the teams to where they are, dealing the issue all by themselves. 

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