“That was fu****g sick,” Logan Sargeant opines on his day-out in Williams Iconic FW08C livery

Logan Sargeant was recently given the opportunity to get behind the wheel of Williams's iconic FW08C livery.

Williams DA Logan Sargeant
Logan Sargeant

Logan Sargeant, the Williams academy driver has been in the news for having a shot of getting the 2023 seat on the Wantage-based F1 team, however, the young driver has recently grabbed the headlines for jumping into the iconic FW08C livery of the team.

Logan Sargeant took the FW08C for a spin at the Williams Headquarters in Wantage, and after his outing, sounded extremely stoked about having the opportunity to drive the iconic livery.

While talking about his experience after his on-track exploits, Sargeant added, “It’s insane I feel like I’m back in a go-kart, I can see a lot compared to what I’m used to.”

Moreover, he was asked whether his experience was loud, and while replying Sargeant said, “Yes, that was fu***ng sick.”

Logan Sargeant has been extremely happy after having the chance to drive the FW08C and has indicated that it was an amazing experience for him.

Moreover, not many drivers are given such an opportunity, and to give the 21-year-old a shot at the iconic livery, says a lot about how Williams feels about the young driver.

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Logan Sargeant is in real contention to get the second seat on Williams team for 2023

Logan Sargeant
Logan Sargeant

Logan Sargent has been one of the standout performers during this year’s Formula 2 campaign, and on the back of his prolific performances has found himself in the running for the 2023 seat on the Williams team.

Moreover, being an American also plays in his favor as F1 has been continuously increasing its efforts to make the sport more accessible in the States, and having an American driver onboard helps in increasing the brand value of the team.

This is one of the major factors that can help Sargeant in landing the coveted seat for next season, however, he is not the only one who has a decent chance of getting the drive.

Williams F1
Williams F1

Logan Sargeant has got competition from the lights of Mick Schumacher, Nyck De Vries, Antonio Giovinazzi, etc. The fight is extremely tough for the 21-year-old considering the others have decent experience in F1. Can the young lad trump the other drivers to get the Williams seat for next season?

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