“The best thing is probably good sex in a good car,” Lewis Hamilton made a bold confession whilst dating Nicole Scherzinger

Lewis Hamilton previously revealed specific details about his relationship with former girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger.

Lewis and Nicole
Lewis and Nicole
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There was a time when Lewis Hamilton and former girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger were in the habit of making headlines and the Brit once revealed that he used to have a lot of sex during his off-and-on relationship with the American singer.

The couple was together for around 7 years during which they had to spend lots of time away from each other because of Lewis Hamilton’s busy F1 schedule and Scherzinger’s singing career.

As they were rarely able to spend time together, they had no option but to make the most of the rare opportunities that they had. Hamilton while talking about their relationship in 2015, said,The best thing is probably good sex in a good car.”

When it comes to good sex, nothing comes close.”

Lewis and Nicole
Lewis and Nicole

However, Nicole was more into the emotional side of things than the sex and previously said, “Sex isn’t important to me, but making love is.”

Love makes me feel like… it’s just that unexplainable feeling that love makes you feel,” she also told Good Morning Britain. “It’s just like ‘ahhhh’. Like everything; fireworks and all that yummy, gushy stuff.”

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Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton’s relationship ended in 2015

Lewis and Nicole
Lewis and Nicole

Nicole was filming X Factor in 2012 when she arrived a day late at the judge’s house in Dubai after she asked the bosses to give her one extra day so that she could make a quick stop in London to see Lewis Hamilton.

The smile on her face said it had been worth it.” a source told at that time.

She must have been exhausted.”

Nicole and Lewis called it quits in 2015 and since then, the American singer has been in relationships with Bulgarian Tennis star Grigor Dimitrov, and recently with Scottish Rugby player Thom Evans.

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

While Nicole is busy spending her life in her own way, Lewis Hamilton is having one of the toughest seasons that he has ever had with the Mercedes Formula One team.

After 13 rounds, Hamilton still hasn’t got a victory onboard and is out of the 2022 Championship fight. Mercedes is targeting next year to challenge for the title and it will be fascinating to see how the team is going to perform in the remaining nine races of this season.

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