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“The car’s a lot better,” Lewis Hamilton delivers positive update about W13 for a ‘change’

Lewis Hamilton was out-qualified by his teammate George Russell.

Lewis Hamilton finished P6 in the Spanish Grand Prix, it is the same result he had in the last race, the Miami Grand Prix, but he was very pleased with the improvement the car had.

W13 was suffering from immense porpoising in the first 5 races of the season, it was to such an extent that it started hurting the drivers physically. 

But with the upgrades, Mercedes brought for the weekend in Spain, Barcelona has almost solved all their problems of porpoising. Mercedes brought a raft upgrade giving them a little downforce but having a low car which stopped the bouncing for them on straights. Although Lewis felt the bouncing in turn 3 and turn 9, the rest of the sectors were good and a lot better than it was before.

Lewis said, “We don’t have the bouncing in a straight line, which is a huge, huge difference. But we still have some bouncing in like Turn 3 and Turn 9. So we still have some improvements to make, but the car’s a lot better.

Mercedes were the fastest car in Q2, which gave Hamilton a glimpse of hope, though he also admitted he isn’t thinking about the title for now because there are still things to work on. Hamilton is still 68 points far from the championship leader Charles Leclerc, “I’m not really putting my mind to that, I’m still way off,” when asked about the title contentions for this season.

George Russell managed to beat Lewis Hamilton once again

Geroge Russell Qualified P4 and Lewis Hamilton Qualified P6 for the Spanish Grand Prix race.

The new Mercedes driver, Geroge Rusell has been arguably better than Hamilton over the first five races of the season. He stilled managed to out-qualify Lewis in Spain. George qualified P4 beating Sergio Perez in a Red Bull. 

Even Lewis confessed the loss over his teammate in Spanish Grand Prix and knew he could have done better.

“My teammate’s fourth, so that means the car should be at least third or fourth, and I’m sixth. So I’m still struggling with the car. I don’t know how to get around that, I don’t know what I’m going to do, but I’ll just continue to try and work hard on myself.,” said Lewis

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George was overwhelmed with the improvements his W13 has shown and also knows he could lately fight the top teams after a few races as there is a scope of improvement left in that car 

“But I think we lost a lot of overall downforce to be able to achieve that, and the car’s probably not quite as quick as we would like at the moment to be fighting with the guys at the front

“Now we know this is our baseline, we can really build off that and find a lot more performance.”

Overall, George Russell felt confident with his car which is a good sign for the team to do well in the Spanish Grand Prix.

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