“The potential is definitely there,” Zak Brown envisions Colton Herta as a possible replacement for Daniel Ricciardo post 2023

Zak Brown confirms that Colton Herta has the ability to replace Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo, Zak Brown and Colton Herta
Daniel Ricciardo, Zak Brown and Colton Herta

Zak Brown was absolutely delighted to pinch Daniel Ricciardo from Renault back in 2020. We all know that with the right car, the Australian has the ability to produce the goods week in and week out. Unfortunately, for Zak Brown, the signing has not proved as fruitful for McLaren as much as he would have liked. Last year, there were performances like Monza which did give some hope but it has not substantiated materially this year around.

Lando Norris was able to outperform Daniel in his first year with McLaren but it was understandable as the young Brit was well versed with the car and the conditions. It was supposed to be more neck and neck this year around but yet again, Lando has outclassed and outperformed Ricciardo, which has become a headache for Zak Brown who is trying to get a firm grip on the coveted 4th place at the end of the season.

The speculations around the future of Daniel Ricciardo have been growing by the day. A lot of names have been discussed but two of them have really caught the eye. One is Pierre Gasly, after Sergio Perez extended his contract, and the other one being Colton Herta, who drives for Andretti Autosport in IndyCar. McLaren’s CEO seems to be a huge fan and believes he can be in F1 at some point in time.

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Zak Brown confirms that Colton Herta has the ability to replace Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo (L) and Zak Brown (R)
Daniel Ricciardo did not mind the criticism from Zak Brown.

Zak Brown in a recent interview clarified that Daniel Ricciardo will stay in the team for another year but can’t say much after that. He said, “The potential is definitely there. If you look at his results in IndyCar, he’s extremely fast. He was Lando’s teammate in Europe many years ago, and Lando rates him very highly.

So he has an extremely good chance and is very capable of being an F1 driver. That’s why we’re testing him, and one of these days, should the stars align if the seat is available and Colton proves to us in testing that he’s capable.

Then yes, I can see him in F1, whether with McLaren or another team. That would be additive to the great exposure that F1 already has in North America.”

Daniel Ricciardo can feel relieved for the time being but needs to rack up the performances soon if he wants to keep his place in McLaren. The door is closing in on him and it’s on him to find the answers sooner rather than later.

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