“Their concept is the problem,” Christian Horner aims dig at IRONIC Toto Wolff comments

Christian Horner not happy with Mercedes and Toto Wolff

Christian Horner(on the left) and Toto Wolff(on the right)
Christian Horner(on the left) and Toto Wolff(on the right)

After the release of new technical directives by the FIA, it is Christian Horner and Red Bull who remain unaffected by it the most, meanwhile, Mercedes, who were worst affected by the bouncing of the car would see an even worse dip in their performance if they had to follow up the new technical directives, as they are very complex, and in Toto’s thinking, unfair, as well. Put in simple words, only the cars which have a lot of porpoising would have to take actions and follow the directive, meanwhile other teams like Red Bull would be unaffected, and would see an amazingly fast speed. 

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Toto Wolff has been campaigning against this, but at the same time, Christian Horner is not happy with the Austrian. Helmut Marko, team advisor to Red Bull, also feels that the entire technical directive released by the FIA is “total nonsense.” Other teams have had similar reactions as to how technically complex the directive is. 

At the same time, Horner feels that Wolff campaigning is “ironic” as the Mercedes W13 performed much better during the Canadian Grand Prix. 

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Christian Horner labels Wolff’s campaigning “ironic”

Christian Horner
Christian Horner

During the race in Canada, Lewis Hamilton managed to score his second podium of the year and following him on P4 was his teammate George Russell, and even during the post race interview, Hamilton said to Jenson Button that his back felt a lot better, so it was obvious that their car bounced less and had improved a lot, and so, Horner called Wolff’s campaigning ironic. 

“He is campaigning to change the rules. That’s somewhat ironic, because here [in Canada] Mercedes bounced much less and they were quite fast. I think their concept is the problem, not the regulations,” GPBlog quoted Horner. 

Max Verstappen managed to win the race and shared the podium with Carlos Sainz and Lewis Hamilton after his teammate Sergio Perez’s car had a suspected transmission failure. 

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