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“They had a strong day today,” Christian Horner “not surprised” by Mercedes’ performance in Barcelona

Christian Horner states that Mercedes would be another factor in the championship soon.

After the practice sessions today at Barcelona for the Spanish Grand Prix, Christian Horner, Red Bull’s team principal is not surprised after a catch up by both the Mercedes cars. 

The practice sessions were looking well for Ferrari and Red Bull during and after FP1, with both the Ferraris taking P1 and P2 and Max Verstappen following them up on P3. Both Mercedes finished P4 and P6.

However, at the start of P3, it was clear that Mercedes had improved a lot as their porpoising had become minimal and it made the car go much, much faster. 

Max Verstappen had set some good lap times until the Mercedes of George Russell came into P2, and was soon followed by Lewis Hamilton on P3. 

This was much of a visual improvement for Mercedes after having such a bad start to the season. 

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However, Christian wasn’t surprised at all from this performance of Mercedes, as he said that he was expecting Mercedes to develop quickly and catch up with the pace of their cars, and he seems optimistic from Max Verstappen’s P5 in FP2. 

Mercedes and Red Bull shared a remarkable rivalry last year, being the two best cars on the grid. It was followed by a lot of emotional rollercoaster for the fans, and finally ended with Max Verstappen winning the World Championship and Mercedes winning the constructors’ championship. 

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“They will become another factor in the championship,” Christian Horner on Mercedes’ performance.

Max Verstappen with Red Bull team principal Christian Horner

The team principal of Red Bull is obviously not too happy about Mercedes ruling them out during FP2, after having such great previous races, but he has also stated that he knew that some time Mercedes were going to solve their problems. 

”I have been saying all year, it will only be a matter of time before they sort it out and it looks like they are getting on top of their issues so they will become another factor in this championship. They had a strong day today”, GPBlog quoted the Englishman. 

Mercedes also had the fastest performance on straights, as shown in the Power Rankings after FP2, and Max Verstappen was only placed 5th in them. 

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